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Saturday, 18 February 2017

I regret being a polygamist - Jide Kosoko

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko, in an interview with the Punch, opened up on his life as a polygamist.

According to him, he took a second wife because
he needed someone who understood the Nigerian movie industry very well.

Jide Kosoko's first two wives died during childbirth, which favoured his decision of being a single parent. However, his friend countered the decision, which made him take two more wives, with the third being Henrietta, who passed on in June 2016.

Here's what said in the interview;
“If I have to be frank, I regret being a polygamist. I must confess. I did not really plan it and it was designed beyond my power because I never planned to marry so many wives. I first married one wife but she was not part of the job I was doing and in those days, you needed a very trustworthy assistant. That pushed me to marrying the second wife. I stayed with them until I lost them both eleven months apart in the same scenario – childbirth.”

“A doctor of mine advised against [staying single]. He said I was still young and needed to take a wife. I looked at the situation critically and realised that a lot of my friends were coming to my apartment with their girlfriends and I saw myself as becoming irresponsible and my house was a free house. Some of those of my friends were married yet they still brought their girlfriends to my house. I felt if I had a wife, all that would not happen so I tried to get another wife. I was romancing two women with the mind of settling down with one. But eventually, the two entered. That was how I became a polygamist.”

“It would be madness if at this stage, at 63 years old, I would be thinking of having a new wife. I have over 12 children I am taking care of and I have some of them that are grown up and are taking care of me as well. My wife died and left me with two teenagers and I have to take care of them.”
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Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Dancing at Recital Will Melt Your Heart (watch)

Beyonce's and Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy took to the stage for her dance recital donning a sparkly pink dress complete with a tutu. She must get a lot of practice from her mom because the 4-year-old shook those hips and was right on cue with the others girls dancing. Little Blue was dancing to "Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray and even got her first credits in the recital's program. Watch video below,...

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#BBNaija : DEBIE RISE - CAN'T STOP ME (watch)

This girl is good!.. DEBIE RISE - CAN'T STOP ME Watch below...

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Mimiko’s Pregnancy Disappeared From My Womb After Five Months – Mother

Madam Muyinat, mother of the outgoing Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, has said that his son disappeared from her womb when his pregnancy was five and half months old.

She said that it was amazing that his son’s pregnancy suddenly disappeared while her hitherto protruded stomach became flat.

She added that the baby inside her womb was also not kicking anymore.

The governor’s mother stated this in his son’s  new book titled “Mimiko’s Odyssey: A Biography of Revelations.”

The book was presented to the public in Akure, the Ondo State capital on Wednesday.

Madam Muyinat said, “His birth? I had a child before him. The governor is my second child. When his pregnancy was about five and a half months, it suddenly disappeared.

“It didn’t kick, not any sign of pregnancy in my womb again. The stomach that was protruded suddenly went flat.”

Apart from the alleged disappearance of the governor’s pregnancy, the book also revealed that his father, Pa. Atiku Famimikomi, took seriously ill when his (the governor’s) mother was carrying the pregnancy.

The ailing father was said to have insisted that if his wife was not delivered of the baby on October 3, 1954, then he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

However, the book said that the father did not divulge the reason why he picked the date to anyone before he died.

The book said, “Aside the pregnancy seemingly disappearing, as narrated by Mama Muyinat Mimiko, it is also on record that the conception of Olusegun Mimiko coincided with when his father, Pa Atiku Mimiko, took seriously ill.

“The father, even on his sick bed, kept reiterating to whoever cared to listen that if the child was not delivered on October 3, then it would mean that he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

“Why he was so emphatic about the date is unknown to anyone, and may never be known, as the father did not divulge it before his demise.

According to Mama Mimiko, Pa Atiku was used to guessing the time for her deliveries but had never been so insistent on the exact date as he did in the governor’s  case.   As fate would have it, on the morning of October 3, 1954, Mama Mimiko started feeling the pangs of childbirth and was taken to the hospital by her mother.

“She had moved to the mother’s house when the pressure from her in-laws was becoming unbearable. According to her, the family members were uncomfortable about her husband’s illness and blamed her for it. This was compounded by her husband’s insistence on the exact date on which the child had to be born for him to accept it.

“At noon on October 3, the child was born and the news got to the family. The father was filled  with joy and he exclaimed, ‘That is alright. Alhamdulilai, Oluwasegun!’ This was to become one of the names of the newborn.

“As is customary in most cultures, including the Islamic and Yoruba, a child is formally named on the eighth day. Eight days after his birth, therefore, Islamic clerics gathered and the child was first named Abdulrahman, then his father named him Oluwasegun (meaning, God has given us victory) and his mother named him Abayomi (Ota i ba yomi Oluwa ni oje), meaning “but for God, my enemies would have derided me”.

The book also explained how Mimiko is now popularly known as “Iroko”.

It said, “The versatility and complexities of the personality of Iroko are invoked in the socio-political character of Olusegun Mimiko, who had named his farm Iroko Farm because the Iroko is generally perceived as the King of the forest.

“Following his numerous political battles and triumphs, his political calculations and strategies, strength of character, courage in the face of adversity, and daring political manoeuvres, Mimiko has been transformed in the eyes of his followers into that feared and revered Iroko man in Yoruba mythology with his superhuman capacities.

“The name Iroko, by spontaneous popular concession, buoyed by Mimiko’s political exploits, has been foisted on him to emphasise his indomitable political adventures and politicking, especially after facing internal and external opponents in his re-election bid and triumphing gallantly.”

Mimiko, whose tenure would expire as the governor of Ondo State on February 23, also explained how he became a politician.

He said his first political party was the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria, but explained that he joined the faction under the leadership of the late former Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Chief Akin Omoboriowo.

During this time, the UPN was then factionalised between the former governor of the state, Chief Adekunle Ajasin and his deputy, Akin Omoboriowo.

Both of them are now late.

Mimiko said, “That time, there was no question as to what party I was  going to join. UPN was already my party. The first day, I just wanted to register with a political party. I went to the UPN Secretariat; I said I wanted to register.

“Then they asked, ‘Which faction?’ Then I said, ‘Faction?’ That was 1982. I had my NYSC in 1981. They said which faction because there was Ajasin faction and Omoboriowo faction. Then I remembered that Ogunye, my lecturer, was also a UPN activist.

“ I then said there was a lecturer called Dr. Ogunye. I asked which faction he was. They said that was the frontline man in Omoboriowo’s camp. Then I said that was where they should put my name. “

He explained that there was no other reason why he joined the faction other than his lecturer’s radicalism, especially how he said he (Ogunye) slapped a contractor at Ife, which he said was still fresh in his mind.

“There was no other reason other than his radicalism, especially how he slapped a contractor at Ife was still fresh in my mind. And when I was to be disciplined, he stood and defended me.” he added.
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#BBNaija : 'Gagabu' Single by Debbie Rise (watch)

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#BBNaija : Debie Rise - No Cunny Cunny (watch)

'No Cunny Cunny' by Debie Rise enjoy..
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GAN TV : Beyoncé - All Night

Beyoncé - All Night
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GAV TV : Beyoncé - Love Drought

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Dhope photo of Dbanj and Philipp Plein

As shared by Dbanj...
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Aged man with hunchback killed in Edo

It was a pathetic end for 62 year-old farmer identified as Mr Olomu,from Orhue community in Owan West Local Government Area of Edo state, who was murdered last week, after which his hunchback was severed from his body.

The deceased reportedly hired some people to work on his farm but unknown to him, the labourers had been planning for three months to kill him so they can severe his hunchback and use it for money making rituals.

Saturday Vanguard
gathered from the confessions made by the suspects who were paraded by the Edo state Police Commissioner, Haliru Gwandu, that the idea to murder Olomu was mooted in a bar where the suspects went to have a drink some time last year.

The ring leader of the group, Sunday Ajuma, on this particular day volunteered to work as a labourer in the farm of the deceased so as to get at him easily.

According to Ajuma, “Six of us planned it.

 The deceased asked me to go and wait for him along the road to the farm after I told him the previous day that I was interested in working in his farm.

 So he asked me to wake up early in the morning and meet him on road.

So, at about 5am in the morning as he was passing by the road where I was waiting, I held his neck and strangulated him.

I then took his cutlass and severed the spinal curvature from the body.

 After I severed the hunchback I met with other members of my group.

We then packaged the body, put it in a jerrican of honey to preserve it and put it in a bag before we proceeded on our way to Ifon, in Ondo state to see a native doctor who promised to use it to make money for us.

 The native doctor told us that if we could get the hunchback it would yield so much money that all of us would share.

 But it was while we were heading to the native doctor’s place that policemen accosted us at Ose road who demanded to know the content of the bag we were carrying.

We tried to bribe the policemen but they refused and insisted on searching the bag and that was how we were arrested”.

 Following their arrest, the three suspects then took the police to the native doctor at Ifon where the man was arrested.

However, the native doctor, Ogheneka who admitted telling the suspects about the possibility of making money by killing anyone with hunchback, denied ever sending them to kill.

Edo state police commissioner, Gwandu who paraded the suspects described the murder as barbaric and vowed to arrest fleeing members of the gang.

 According to him, “The gentleman was killed by these spiritualists who wanted to make money but as they were taking the hunchback to the native doctor we apprehended them with guns.

Other accomplices are Peter Alodo, Sunday Okolo and Philip Ogheneka and these people were neighbors to the deceased.

Because they wanted money by all means they decided to kill the man who invited them to work in his farm.

But God decided to punish them for their evil act when my men saw them on their way to Ifon and insisted on searching their bag. It was when the search was conducted that they saw the severed body of the deceased.

 That is why sometimes we conduct such searches because it helps a lot in busting these criminal activities.

You can see how selfish people decided to kill another man to make money.

 And funny enough these people who did this were neighours to the deceased and they had been watching and monitoring the man because he had a hunchback.

They then intensified their plot after a native doctor told them that they could make big money if they got someone with a hunchback.

 They planned this for about three months until they executed it.

The group leader, Ajuma volunteered to work in the deceased farm so that they could have the opportunity to commit their wicked act.

We are still in search of two others involved in this and we will get them.

As soon as we conclude investigations we will charge these people to court”. Meanwhile the mutilated body of the deceased was buried at his village in Orhue, Owan West Local Government Area of Edo state.
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Dwight Yorke Slams Donald Trump Ruling After US Passport Saga

Former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke was "made to feel like a criminal" as he was denied entry to the United States on Friday.

Yorke said he was prevented from entering the USA due to an Iranian stamp on his passport having represented the 'World Stars' in a charity match against 'Iranian Stars' in Tehran in 2015.

The 45-year-old enjoyed widespread success in English football, playing for Aston Villa, United, Blackburn, Birmingham and Sunderland before retiring in 2009.

Yorke has enjoyed a varied career since then and, having this week worked for beIN Sports, was due to travel from Doha, Qatar to Trinidad and Tobago, via Miami, on personal business on Friday.

"I couldn't quite believe what was happening" Yorke said.

"I have lost count of the number of times I have been to America, I love the country, yet I was being made to feel like a criminal.

"I had bought my ticket and checked in and was about to get on the flight when I was stopped by two officials. I thought 'what is happening here?'.

"They told me there was a visa problem and a red flag had come up against my name because of an Iranian stamp in my passport. I went there to play in a legends match to open a stadium and didn't even stay overnight.

"The two officials told me if I got on the flight I would simply be deported back to Qatar once I arrived in the States. I tried to explain I didn't even live in Qatar and was just trying to get to my home in the Caribbean."
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Is this the change we promised Nigerians?

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By Ben Murray-Bruce
Two weeks ago, the Chairman of the Senate Committee of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Dino Melaye, made a startling revelation that shook me and many right thinking Nigerians to our foundation. At a time Nigeria is going through a daunting economic recession, it was revealed that we plan on spending the sum of N250 million to build a gatehouse for the Vice President of Nigeria.
Whenever I think of the budgetary provision of N250 million to build a gatehouse for the vice president, I am moved by the inequities and inequalities of Nigeria.

There is no urgency or importance in building a new gatehouse for the vice president’s already over priced house, but if even we need to build such a house can we not build it with less than 10% of the cost?
At the black market rate (which is the most commonly used rate in Nigeria) N250 million is equivalent to $500,000. At the official rate, it is worth almost a million dollars. With that type of cash you can buy a mansion in Washington DC and a well developed property in London. Isn’t it a pity that all it can buy the Nigerian government is a gatehouse?
Now we want to borrow $30 billion from other nations and foreign financial institutions. But why should any other nations or foreign financial institutions lend us money when we have not shown prudence in managing the little that we have? I can assure you that I did my research and not one of the ten richest nations in the world is spending the equivalent of 250 million for something as inconsequential to the well being of a nation as a vice president’s gatehouse.
Why should America, Britain or China lend Nigeria any money when the gate man of our Vice President is living in a house that only a millionaire in their own country can afford?
Should they lend us $30 billion so we can build more luxurious and befitting gatehouses for our other public officials?
Is this the change we promised Nigerians?
With a minimum wage of N18,000 the N250 million to be spent on the Vice President’s gatehouse can pay the salaries of 13,888 Nigerians!
How many staff are being owed salary by the federal government? How many staff are being owed salary by state governments? How many pensioners are dying while waiting to collect pension that never comes?
How many internally displaced persons are dying of hunger while we budget N250 million for a gatehouse? N250 million can feed one million people for a day and 200,000 people for a week.
Recently, I was driving on a federal road in the South-east and a portion of that road was so damaged that it was a death trap. I wonder how many people have been killed on that road. Certainly, from my estimation as an entrepreneur who has built several malls and other real estate projects across Nigeria, N250 million will be sufficient to repair that portion of the road, but no! We have to build a gatehouse for a VIP!
Nigeria has some of the worst maternal and infant maternity rates in the whole world. 10% of all the women who die in childbirth are Nigerian women according to the UN. Meanwhile Nigeria only has 2% of the world’s population.
The main challenge we have in reducing maternal mortality is funding and we are approaching international aid organisations to help us raise funds to help reduce death amongst our pregnant women. Can you imagine how unserious we look to them when they read that we are spending N250 million on a gatehouse while begging them for money?
We really must make better use of our scarce resources at this time. We cannot expect others to lend to us from their own hard earned resources when we have demonstrated a propensity to squander the little we have.
What we have demonstrated in Nigeria, especially within the last two years, is a strong propensity to major on the minor and minor on the major.
With the way we in government treat Nigerians, I sometimes suspect that our people will prefer to go to hell if our leaders are found in heaven!
And another thing, for a nation that wants to come out of recession, Nigeria is not spending enough on education.
The proposed allocation for education is N50 billion, which is only a third of the proposed allocation for defence.
There is a reason why LEARN and EARN rhyme. If a nation wants to earn more she must first learn more. This budget proposal does not take that into account.
We are still working with an obsolete Industrial Age thought process that operates under the wrong notion that nations become rich because of what they have under their soil.
I have got news for the executive: today’s nations can only grow rich by what is between the ears of its citizens! We are living in the knowledge worker era.
Apple, Google, facebook and yahoo are now more valuable than Exxon-Mobil, Shell BP, Chevron and AGIP. The world is changing and we must change with it.
I have been studying Anambra State for a while. This used to be one of the most educationally disadvantaged states in the South. But since the era of former Governor Peter Obi till today, the state made education its priority and allocated the bulk of its budget to education and the more Anambra budgeted for education the more their economy flourished.
They do not borrow. They did not participate in the federal government’s bailout to states. They have one of, if not the best subnational economies in Nigeria. Nigeria as a whole is importing food, Anambra as a whole is exporting food. And their secret is education. They have consistently featured as number one in WAEC and NECO results.
If we want Nigeria to earn more money, that cannot be achieved by selling more oil. It can only be achieved by learning more to earn more.
As a nation, we are spending N49 billion maintaining about a 100 embassies and consulates. What do we get in return? That expense is a drain and not an investment.
We can spend only a fraction of that amount. Do we need a consular in every nation to issue visas? Several nations that are richer than Nigeria are doing away with consulars in preference for entry point visas.
Turkey has a policy where you pay $40 and you get your visa online. It is reducing their recurrent expenditure because now they maintain only a skeletal staff in their embassies and it is increasing their revenue because without the bottleneck and hassle of getting visas through the traditional means, people are flocking to countries like Turkey, like the UAE and other countries that have online visa policies. Instead of N49 billion, we can spend only 10% of that and use the balance N45 billion to build infrastructure and educate our people. In fact, we can be like the UAE and Turkey that can afford to use the millions they get from online visas to run their embassies.
Two months ago, the presidency released a statement announcing that they have recently weeded out 50,000 ghost workers from the pay roll of the federal government.
If that is true, then why isn’t that being reflected in the budget for recurrent expenditure? If you have weeded 50,000 ghost workers from the system then there must be a massive drop in our recurrent expenditure. Something is not adding up. Recurrent expenditure in the 2017 budget is N2.98 trillion. Let us just call it N3 trillion. Recurrent expenditure in the 2016 budget was N2.6 trillion.
Are we sure that the executive did not make a mistake and instead of weeding 50,000 ghost workers from the system it actually added 50,000 ghost workers because the recurrent expenditure has increased. Has minimum wage increased? No? There are too many ambiguities that need to be cleared up.
And on housing, certainly we can do much more than what the 2017 budget proposes to do.
The American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, theorised that our most basic human need is for shelter. Let us relate this to Nigeria.
Nigeria has a 17 million housing deficit. If Abraham Maslow is correct, it stands to reason that lack of shelter, among others, is one of the single largest drivers of corruption in Nigeria today.
Civil servants and politicians steal largely because they have no hope of ever owning a home and they do not want to be destitute after their retirement. This is why the EFCC seizes a lot of houses from corrupt people.
If home ownership represents man’s basic need, then no government has succeeded in meeting this need. After all, what is the essence coming to power if the most basic need of the electorate cannot be addressed?
Nigeria needs to solve this challenge because if we do, we will go a long way to improving the human development index of Nigeria and reducing the misery level as well igniting the type of economic activity that will ease our current recession while also fighting corruption.
There is no way government can build 17 million houses. At best, the budget of the ministry of housing can build a couple hundred thousand houses annually. If we are to plug this deficit, we have to rely on the private sector just like developed nations.
We have over N6 trillion of our pension funds sitting in financial institutions. Let us deploy these funds into productive sectors of our economy.
The naira gets devalued and the return from investing pension assets in government treasury bills and bank deposits is less than the rate of inflation. Real estate is one of the few investments that outstrips inflation. The safest investment anywhere in the world is real estate.
Why don’t we use these funds to fund our real estate development and end our housing deficit?
We can and we should use the pension funds to stimulate the housing market while the government subsidizes the mortgage rate for low income earners so that they can borrow at single digit interest rates.
Promoting home ownership will lower corruption and what else could be a safer investment for our pension funds? After all, no one can run away with a house. They can run away with a car or with cash, or with shares, but a house is immovable and best of all it largely continues to appreciate in value. It only makes Commonsense to use pension funds in this way. And I do not even see why government has to sell land to property developers and private housing estate builders in the first place. In my opinion, if you want to build houses for the masses, government should give you land free of charge!
Of what use is the land when it has no property or farm on it? At least if you allow people build on it government can charge them property taxes.
Our president and governors live in houses paid for by tax payers. It is time we return the favour to the taxpayers and the masses. It is time we begin running Nigeria in a businesslike manner and provide our people the dividends of democracy. It is time we deliver on the promised change.

• Ben Murray-Bruce is the Founder of Silverbird Entertainment Group and the Senator representing Bayelsa East in the National Assembly
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