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Monday, 24 April 2017

Katsina | Masari declares free tax,adequate security for foreign investors

Foreigners interested in investing in Katsina state will enjoy tax holidays, adequate security, among other benefits. Governor Aminu Bello Masari stated this on Tuesday when he received an agro-allied Japanese company in his office.
Masari said his administration would provide “necessary assistance to any foreign investor wishing to invest in the state.” He however called on the company to provide details of their proposal preparatory to the signing of Memorandum of a Understanding with the State.
Leader of the Japanese company delegation, Mamuda Shinkafi said the company hopes to set up an agro-allied company in nine states of the country. Shinkafi, a former governor of Zamfara State, said the company would also create one million jobs through its services.
He also said the company plans to invest over N30 billion and that one-third of the money would be expended in Nigeria. He said the company is expected to provide more than 500,000 tonnes of grains every year.
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Katsina NUJ cautions social media users against inflammatory statements

The state chairman of the Nigerian union of journalist Katsina state chapter comrade Buhari Mamman Daura has advocated for the sensitization of social media subscribers on their limitation. The NUJ chairman stated this while addressing newsmen in Katsina. He said social media users are left unchecked which ascend problems in the state. “Although there is freedom of expression to all citizens, but social media users shouldn’t be allowed to incite trouble.” He said
According to comrade Daura, Parent should monitor the activities of their children especially in relation with social media to prevent them from violating people’s right in an appellation of freedom of expression.
He also advised government, media houses and national orientation agency to educate people on the functions of the legislative arms of government.
Similarly, the NUJ chairman charged members of both national and state assembly from the state to be informing the electorate on the achievement so far they made.
He however, promise to work closely with Masari-led administration to educate subscribers of social media on the legal implication in inflammatory comments via social media.
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Kogi Govt to Hold First Entertainment Stakeholders Meeting

Image result for mercy johnson

The Kogi State Government has concluded plans to host stakeholders in the entertainment industry across the three senatorial districts of the state in a meeting scheduled to hold on Wednesday 26th, 2017.
The Senior Special Assistant to the State Governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Mercy Johnson made this known while emphasizing the need to bring all stakeholders to the table for critical discussions bothering on reviving the industry.
According to her, the meeting which has been scheduled to hold by 5pm at the Banquet Hall of the Government House, will give stakeholders who have been waxing the industry an opportunity to bring to bare, the associating problems and ideas.
“Stocks of potentials and talents abound in Kogi, and because of so many factors beyond their control, the effect is visible in the staggering nature at which the industry grows in the state, hence the need for the government to wade in,” she said.
While enjoining the entertainers to take the meeting which is the first to be held by the Yahaya Bello led government, she reiterated her commitment towards delivering the New Direction blueprint on entertainment, arts and culture.
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Jimoh Ibrahim’s Company Loses Case To Former Staff.

Two former staff of Global Fleet Oil and Gas Limited, an oil company owned by the businessman and politician, Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim, have won their cases filed against the company over illegal deductions from their salaries and non-remittance of their pension funds.
The duo of Adenekan Titilola Adejoke and Irikefe Odiriverere Patience, had in December 2015, through their counsel and Principal Partner of Lekan Alabi Chambers, Mr. Lekan Alabi, filed the separate but similar cases against their former employer at the Lagos Judicial Division of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.

The claimants in their suits with number, NICN/LA/624/2005 and NICN/LA/625/2015, had sought the declaration that the deductions of the sum of N2.4 million as transport allowance by the company for a period of four years, between 2009 and 2013, when they were employees of the company, was illegal.

They also sought an order directing the company to remit their outstanding mandatory pension contribution to Leadway Pensure PFA Limited, and the payment of the sum of N1 million by the company as the cost of legal services incurred in the prosecution of the case.

In his judgment, Justice B. B Kanyip, declared that the deductions were not only illegal but also unlawful, and that the monies be paid them within 30 days.

Kanyip said; “The defendant is to pay to the claimant the sum of N2, 400,000 being the claimant’s transport allowance illegally deducted by the defendant from the claimant’s remuneration package from the year 2009 to the year 2013.

“The defendant shall remit all the outstanding mandatory contributions belonging to claimant to Leadway Pensure PFA Limited. The orders just made are to be complied with within 30 days of this judgement.”

In his response to the judgement, Alabi described it as a victory not only for the litigants but also for the workers across the globe.

He said Nigerian employers are fond of impunity, but that the judgement has created another precedent for workers whose rights are constantly abused to seek redress in law courts. He added that his chambers would ensure that the judgement is obeyed.

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10 ways women act when they don't love you anymore

“She doesn’t seem like she cares anymore.” The sad truth about relationships is that they are rarely ever perfect. A lot of relationships won’t ever have the privilege of seeing itself go all the way because human beings are inherently imperfect, and their imperfections play into the dynamics of the relationship as a whole. There are lots of cases wherein people fall in and out of love with each other throughout the course of a relationship.
What people have to understand is that so many conditions and variables have to be perfect in order for a relationship to have a fighting chance. Love alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work, time, effort, and heaps of good luck. However, there’s no getting around the fact that people fall out of love with each other. It always hurts whenever that happens. You wouldn’t want to wish that kind of emotional pain or trauma unto your worst enemy. It’s a common occurrence, and the best that you can do whenever it happens to you is to just try your best to move on with your life. The earlier you can spot the problems in your relationship, the easier it will be for you to move on from the situation. If you can spot early signs of your girlfriend falling out of love with you, then that will bode better for you in the long run. 
 1. She doesn’t seem like she cares anymore. You feel like there’s no effort there and that her affection for you is slowly dying. It’s as if she’s lost interest in life in general, but in truth, she has only lost interest in you. It’s as if all the vitality and animation that was once in her life has suddenly vanished, and you don’t know what to do about it.
2.  She no longer compliments you on your looks. Initially, physical attraction is what brought you together. She used to tell you that you looked so handsome when you first started dating. But overtime, the compliments started to fade away, and now you’re left with practically nothing. She no longer has that physical attraction towards you.
3. She stops putting in the effort to make your relationship work. She sees that your relationship is dying and withering, and she is making no effort whatsoever to save it from a slow and painful death. She couldn’t care less about whether you two fight all the time, and she no longer has the patience to resolve any lingering arguments between the two of you.
 4. Communication is rare between the both of you. Communication is always the bedrock of any strong relationship. A couple engaging in open communication with each is always more likely to survive as opposed to couples who shut each other out. When you and your woman no longer have deep and meaningful conversations, then that means she has probably lost interest in you and that your spark is dying.
5. She acts on her own accord regardless of how you feel. Your thoughts and feelings are irrelevant to her. She will do what she wants regardless of how it’s going to make you feel. If her actions end up hurting you in the end, then it really isn’t a problem for her because she doesn’t really love you anymore.
6. She doesn’t express gratitude for your gestures. She used to jump for joy whenever you brought her gifts or flowers. She would get all giddy and excited whenever you would tell her about date plans. She used to plaster a huge smile on her face whenever you came home with food and treats. However, nowadays, your gestures are met with nothing better than indifference. 
 7. You are always the initiator of conversations. If it always feels like you are the one who is making an effort to initiate conversations, then you should be worried. If she were truly still in love with you, she would also willingly want to talk to you about anything under the sun. She would willingly turn to you for your opinions and your thoughts about things that interest her. 
8. She doesn’t make an effort to make you feel special. She used to love doing so many sweet and romantic things for you, however, things have changed. She doesn’t care about making you feel giddy and special anymore. She couldn’t care less about whether or not you were happy in the relationship because obviously, she’s not feeling happy either. 
 9. She stops asking for your attention, and she stops giving you attention too. In the past, she used to ask for constant communication with you throughout the day. She wanted to always be the apple of your eye, and in turn, she always considered you as the center of her universe. Now though, she barely acknowledges your existence. She also doesn’t ask you to give her your attention anymore because she feels like she no longer needs it. 
10. Physical intimacy is a rarity. Kisses. Hugs. Nights in the bedroom. They’re things of the past. When the physical intimacy starts vanishing, you can be assured that your relationship isn’t in a good place.
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Enter for thecreativesprize Competition - Become a certified creator

What do you do? What are you passionate about?
Are you a Programmer, Songwriter, Musician, Activist, Artist, Comic illustrator, etc?
Enter for theCreativesPrize today to become a certified creative
theCreativesPrize Competition is organized to 
award Creative Nigerians with a uniqueness.

It is open to young people of 13-40 years 
who are either Singers, Dancers, Comedians, 
Activist, Models, DJ's, Writers, etc.
Steps involved in theCreativesPrize Award Application
There are three simple steps involved in applying for theCreativesPrize Award and they are given below;
  1. Bio: this requires information like your Name, Age, State of Origin,etc.
  2. Your Creativity: this step requires answering simple questions about the creative thing you do. Here, you tell us what makes you unique from the others in your field.
  3. Invite:  here, you are encouraged to suggest a friend of yours who is also creative in order for him/her to participate in theCreativesPrize Competition.
Click HERE to apply 

About thecreativesprize
theCreativesPrize has an acronym of tCPA which is an annual prize for Creative people throughout Africa. theCreativesPrize is sponsored by Ladydee Inspired Multiconcepts (LIM); an Afri-International brand and it collects application throughout the year (1 January – 31 December) thus searching for the best applicant to be given theCreativesPrize.
Applicant who apply within October – December of any year is regarded as an applicant for the next upcoming year.
The missions of theCreativesPrize are;
1) To recognize unique people who will in one way or the other bring about sustainable development in Africa through their creativity.
2) To become an agenda where more young people want to strive to become Change Makers, Activists, Leaders, Intellectuals through their minute contributions to the society.
3) To encourage young individuals with a little support through finance towards their career.
Notification of selection and announcement of winners is sent during the Fourth Quarter of every year i.e Q42017. Thus, applicants should expect theCreativesPrize winner to be announced during the period of 1 October – 31 December for 2017. This is done because tCPA painstakingly looks out for consistency in work for each applicant.
Do you have a question? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) -who is eligible to contest? Any citizen of Africa between the ages of 13-40 years.
-who is considered as a Creative? Anybody who is either an Artist, Model, Writer, Musician,Programmer, Photographer,Comedian, Dancer, Public Speaker,Disc jockey(Dj) etc
-is it important that I invite another creative? We encourage you to suggest a creative because it is assumed that for every creative person, s(he) is expected to also have a friend who is creative.
-how many winners will there be? There will be 7 finalists and 1 CreativesPrize winner.
-what prizes does theCreativesPrize winner go with? S(he) will be given the medal, a certificate, cash prize to support his/her career. Aside that, s(he) will have a lot of media exposures.
-what prize does the finalists go with?S(he) will be given a certificate, and a medal. Aside that, s(he) will have a lot of media exposures.
-what is the criteria for selection? The interview section(answering the questions in the form) consists of 30%, the voting section (sharing, liking and encouraging friends to comment on your post) consists of 30% while the underground check section (theCreativesPrize Award team will handle this) consists of 40%.
-after answering all the questions in the form, what’s next? Your interview will be posted in the website so you have to check back always in order to start your voting process.

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Isiaka Adeleke’s corpse returned to hospital for autopsy

According to reports reaching Giftadenenews.com, late Senator Isiaka Adeleke's corpse has been returned to the hospital for autopsy!.. This is coming after Osun Youths alleged that he was poisoned!.. 
More details soon!
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Calabar Tragedy: “We tried to stop our husbands from going to the viewing Centre” - Wives cry out

As Nigerians continue to mourn the shocking demise of the football fans who were electrocuted at a viewing centre at Nyaghassang Community, Calabar Municipality of Cross River State on Thursday night while watching the return leg match between Manchester United and Anderlecht in the UEFA Europa league, two women saturday lamented that they did everything to prevent their husbands from going to the viewing centre on the ill-fated day.

One of the women, Mrs. Elizabeth Alex Samuel, a mother of a year-old child, who is now a widow as a result of the incident said, if her late husband, Mr. Samuel, had taken to her constant advice, and warning, perhaps he wouldn’t have died at the viewing centre that fateful night.
The woman, who was in a sober mood when she narrated her ordeal, said after the incident happened, her husband was among those evacuated to the hospital, but she learnt the following day that he was among those who died.
Narrating her ordeal, Mrs. Samuel who was carrying her child said, “Every day I warned him not to watch football in that viewing centre. That night, he went to watch football. The next thing I heard shouting and they said people have died. I was waiting I did not see him. I heard they had rushed him to the hospital. I was crying throughout. It was yesterday (Friday) they came and told me that my husband was dead”.
On a similar note, another woman who gave her name as Mary Okon said her husband, Mr. Emmanuel Okon, lost his life to the incident. Mary said she tried to stop her late husband from going to the viewing centre that night because she wanted him to eat, and stay at home with the family.
She said her late husband, who was a Manchester United fan, left to watch the match despite her asking him to stay back, and eat the food she was preparing.
“I was boiling rice for him and then he decided to go and watch the match. I told him to stay back and eat but he said I should come and meet him when it was ready. When the incident happened I went there to look for him and when I found him he was not moving. There were bodies lying on the floor everywhere. I carried him with the help of his nephew, but he was not responding. His body was cold. With the help of a neighbour who is a taxi man, we carried him to the hospital where we were told he was dead,” she said, while sobbing.
Also speaking, Godswill Okon, a nephew to the late woman’s husband said: “That evening, me and my uncle were just joking about the match. He is a Man U fan and I am a Chelsea fan. So, we were playfully arguing, and I told him Man U will lose. He said no way that they would win. So, when it was time for the match, he called me to go with him and watch, but I felt somehow and decided not to go.
“Normally, I would have been there to watch the game, but I suddenly did not feel too well. People were even surprised that I did not go to watch. It was while we were at home that we heard the noise, and we went out; and I got there and saw my uncle dead. My uncle was a very loving and kind person. He was the one who was taking care of me. My school fees, accommodation, feeding, clothes, everything. I don’t know what I would do now that he is gone. Who would come to our help?”, he lamented.
Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara yesterday called for investigation into the unfortunate incident which led to the death of football fans in the Calabar viewing centre.
Dogara, who expressed sadness over the development, however, condoled with the families of those who lost their lives as well as those who survived the incident, and the people and government of the state.
The police had confirmed that no fewer than seven persons watching the Europa League match between Manchester United and Anderlecht football clubs died by electrocution on Thursday.
However, Dogara, in a statement issued by his Special Adviser on media and publicity, Turaki Hassan, said: “My heart goes out to the families of football fans who died in the incident at the viewing centre. At this moment, my thoughts and prayers are with the affected families, survivors, and the government and good people of Cross River state following this sad incident.
“It is my ardent hope that survivors are receiving adequate care, and that the state government is taking the necessary steps to avoid a recurrence of such a sad incident”, the Speaker said, and urged the state government to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.
Also, former President of the Senate, Senator David Mark has lamented over the tragic death of the soccer fans, who were electrocuted at the viewing centre in Calabar.
In a condolence message to the Governor of Cross River state, Senator Ben Ayade, Senator Mark said it was sad that such young people met their untimely deaths while watching a game that should ordinarily bring joy and excitement to them. He described the incident as one tragedy too many.
“The death of over 30 soccer fans in one incident is a huge loss to the nation. It is more tragic because these were promising Nigerians who looked forward to a rewarding future. They represented the future dreams of our father land. They were the ready hands on which our future lies. But we are incapable of questioning the will of the Almighty. May God grant them eternal rest”, Mark said, in a statement issued by his media aide, Mr. Paul Mumeh.
Mark suggested that public utility providers should take precautionary measures to avoid future re-occurrence. In spite of the tragedy, he believes that “soccer is a unifying tool between and among Nigerians that must of a necessity be promoted and encouraged in our society”.
Meanwhile, former Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa yesterday promised to build a standard viewing centre at Nyaghassang Community, Calabar Municipality in memory of people who died at the viewing centre in the community.
Ita-Giwa said she was making the promise on behalf of mothers of the Efik Kingdom, whom she led to visit the victims of the viewing centre tragedy. She put the blame of the incident on those she described as the political class, saying the sad event was an indictment on them.
“We as mothers of the Efik Kingdom feel the pains of the mothers, wives and children of those who died here. We are here to sympathise and commiserate with them. We appreciate the President for showing sympathy for what has happened. We are not going to stop there and let this slide. We are going to set up a help line with designated help lines to help victims of the incident.
“We will build a viewing centre to commemorate the people that died here. We call on football lovers, football stars, Manchester United to come and help government to alleviate the problems of the victims.
“What shocked me when I got here was the state of the place where people paid N50 to come and watch football. I am here as a mother but I would not also deny the fact the fact that I am a politician. So these are the kind of things I see as a politician that make me feel very guilty that the people are not living well in this country, because under normal circumstances these are some of the things a representative should provide. These are some of the things that keep the boys off crime.
“Nigerians are great football enthusiasts. We will try to forestall future occurrences to see the state of other viewing centres to prevent further loss of lives. As mothers, we will do our best to alleviate the pains of the people. We share the pains. We urge football lovers, don’t allow this make you lose your interest in football; don’t let it wane your passion for football,” Ita-Giwa said.
Responding, the secretary of the Nyaghassang Community, Iso Bassey Edim, thanked Ita-Giwa and the Efik mothers for the gesture. Edim said the community was working towards completing the exact figure of victims of the incident.
No fewer than seven people were officially pronounced dead following the collapse of a high tension cable on the roof of a football viewing centre, where football fans were watching the Manchester United versus Anderlecht return leg match of the UEFA Europa league.
Also, the Commissioner representing Cross River on the Board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NNDC), Mr. Sylvester Nsa has commiserated with families of the electrocuted victims. In a press statement he issued in Calabar, Nsa described the incident as unfortunate, noting that the loss of lives under such circumstance was regrettable.
The commissioner commiserated with the bereaved families while wishing the injured speedy recovery. He, however advised the Town Planning department and other regulatory agencies in Cross River not to approve the construction of houses under high tension cable.
Nsa said houses already constructed under high tension cables should immediately be demolished by relevant authorities to forestall future occurrence of such unfortunate incidents.
Also, the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC) says it has taken the photographic data of the affected area of Nyagasang community where the electrocution tragedy occurred.
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Father Mbaka poses with his singer who gave birth to Triplets after his Prophesy

Popular Catholic priest, Reverend father Mbaka visited one of his singers who gave birth to triplets. He was said to have earlier given the lady a prophesy that she will have a triplets.

Read what his ministry shared and people's reactions...

One of our singers Mrs. Patience has just delivered triplets. Blessed be the God of Adoration Ministry. We celebrate with the family. We claim this triple blessing for every family seeking for the fruit of the womb. May this and more be your portion in Jesus name Amen.
Congratulations PePe'

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N’Golo Kante beats Chelsea Teammate Eden Hazard to PFA Player of the Year Crown

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante has been voted the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year for the 2016-17 season becoming the first Frenchman to win the award since Thierry Henry in 2004. The Frenchman, who is on course to win a second successive Premier League title after also being part of the Leicester side which upset the odds last season, secured the most votes from his fellow players. He saw off competition from Chelsea team-mate Eden Hazard (who won the award in 2015) plus Tottenham‘s Harry Kane, Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United and Arsenal‘s Alexis Sanchez.
Kante was presented with the award at the Grosvenor Hotel in London on Sunday evening.
Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli won the young player prize for the second successive season, Manchester City‘s Lucy Bronze won the women’s player of the year award for the second time having also won it in 2014, and Birmingham‘s Jess Carter topped the voting in the women’s young player category.
Former England captain David Beckham received the PFA’s Merit award for his contribution to the game.
Source: Telegraph UK
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Traditional Rulers Aid Criminals in Ikorodu – Lagos Police

Disturbed by the worsening cases of violence in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, the police has accused traditional rulers and chiefs in the area of collaborating with criminals to unleash terror on residents.
“There are Baales (village heads) that are informants and sponsors of criminals in this area,” the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said on Sunday at a meeting with the traditional rulers.
“They allow militants to build houses harbouring criminals in the creeks. I want the royal fathers to call their chiefs to order. This meeting is convened to tell them that we will no longer tolerate silent conspiracy. Traditional rulers cannot tell me they don’t know who is who in their domain; all communities are advised to organise their local vigilantes,’’ Owoseni said.
According to him, most kidnappings, killings and other violent crimes in Lagos State takes place in Ikorodu.
Owoseni urged the community to be part of the security management.
“In the community, there are hunters and farmers; they can’t say they don’t know criminals in their communities. There is conspiracy of silence on criminal activities and this conspiracy must stop.
Traditional rulers and religious leaders must unmask the criminals in their communities. We have begun operations at Isawo; we need intelligence reports from the traditional rulers.
Killing for rituals must stop and with your support, we can stop those killings. Let us take ownership of our areas and expose the hoodlums amongst you.
Some of the Baales and chiefs supply foods to these militants; many of them are spies to these vandals and militants,’’ Owoseni said.
Owoseni warned traditional rulers in Ikorodu area against harbouring criminals who were unleashing terror on their subjects.
The police boss expressed sadness over incessant kidnapping, pipeline vandalism, robbery, cultism and killings of innocent persons in the area.
Four policemen, an army captain and a civilian were killed by suspected militants in the Isawo area of Ikorodu on April 9.
Owoseni told the royal fathers that the police will no longer tolerate people being killed and maimed under the watchful eyes of traditional rulers.
He urged the traditional rulers to join hands with the police so that hoodlums would have no place to hide or operate in their domains.
Responding, the Ayangburen of Ikorodu, Oba Adewale Shotobi, assured the police that the traditional institution would partner with security operatives in curbing crimes in the area.
Shotobi said that the royal fathers were investigating the recent killings and other crimes in Ikorodu area so as to expose the hoodlums.
Also speaking, Oba Ajibade Agoro of Imota, noted that increasing crime in the area was due to massive urban-rural migration.
“No traditional ruler would be happy for his community to be known for criminality during his reign. Cultism is our problem in Imota. Few days ago, someone was shot while another person was also shot yesterday. Our challenge is that when we give information and the police arrest these criminals, after few weeks, the suspects are released,’’ Agoro said.
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Say Whaaaaat????

This man must be crazy! And people are liking it! SMH!
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300 level student anally rapes 10 year old girl to death.

A student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, is in the grips of the Police for sodomising a 10 year old girl for 3 years and giving her a cocktail of painkillers which caused her kidneys to fail leading to her death.
The young man was arrested on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, while relaxing in a sofa chair at his parent’s house. His arrest was spurred by the outcome of series of medical reports conducted on the 10 year old after complaining of having some complications on her anus and sent to the hospital for treatment.
Sources familiar with the incident say the young girl was being fostered by the man, a situation the young man took undue advantage of, and sexually abused her. He is also reported to have warned the girl not to reveal his sexual encounters with her to anyone or else she will die.
Multiple lab tests conducted on the girl have revealed some damages on her anus, intestines and kidneys. The police have intensified investigations into the matter and have arraigned the young before the court.
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Teenage couple commit suicide, 2 days apart .

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing

A tragic story about a teenage couple from Ohio committing suicide just days apart has gone viral on Facebook. According to online reports, 18-year-old Mercedes Shaday Smith took her own life in her college dorm room in Columbia, Kentucky on Thursday (Apr. 20).
Her boyfriend, Markeice “Mari” Brown ended his life on Saturday (Apr. 22). Apparently, Smith’s friends believed that Brown contributed to his girlfriend’s suicide and they harassed/bullied him online, which, along with the grief of losing his girlfriend, drove him to commit suicide just days later.
The Ohio native, who was also a member of the LWC track and field team, was said by her coach Jamaine Gordon to be a “good-spirited person who showed promise in her future.”
Mercedes’ boyfriend Markeice “Mari” Brown posted a note and posted a tearful goodbye video on Facebook Live before killing himself. According to Markeice’s goodbye/suicide note, Mercedes was pregnant at the time of her death, and they always planned to “go out together.”
At the end of his post, he wrote that her family wouldn’t allow him to go to her funeral, so he made the decision to “go see her” himself....

Image may contain: text

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South African court denies Nigerian pastor, Tim Omotosho bail

South Africa Magistrate’s Court has denied a Pastor Tim Omotosho, a Nigerian, bail who was arraigned for alleged sexually abusing 30 female members of his congregation.

The 58-year-old Nigerian miracle worker, Pastor Tim Omotosho, the senior pastor of the Jesus Dominion International, was arrested in South Africa.

The pastor based in Durban, who was arrested inside the toilet at the Port Elizabeth Airport shortly after his flight landed,

He was arraigned in court on Friday and was denied bail.

According to South African newspaper, The Herald, it is understood that the miracle worker, who cures the sick, reforms criminals and lives like a rock star in one of South Africa’s richest suburbs, had arrived Port Elizabeth airport around 3 pm from Durban where his church is situated.

The police alleged that Mr. Omotoso over the years trafficked about 30 young girls from various branches of his church to a house in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal where he allegedly exploited them sexually.

It was further gathered that he allegedly handpicked the girls and instructed them to live in his house where they were forced to have unprotected sex with him.

Meanwhile, he appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court yesterday where his case was postponed to May 3.

Mr. Omotoso, who is the founder of a 24-hour satellite TV station, Ancient of Days Broadcasting Network (ADBN), which is aired across the Caribbean, Africa, Mexico, Middle East, Europe and the United States, is married and has three children.

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Kcee Limpopo is Oge Okoye's twin brother! See what he stole!

Original owner
So Singer Kcee Limpopo crooner is now Oge Okoye's twin! No he didn't steal a DOG ( or dogs rather!) Rob & Rosey... He stole money photo and was called out by the owner! He has since disabled comments and posted the picture of a house yesterday to make it seem like he was just wishing. Damage control! LMAO!...

Kcee being called out

Damage control house
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PDP Sacks APC In All Chairmanship & Councillor Slots In Ebonyi

The Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi State has won all the 13 chairmanship and 171 councillor slots in the local government election conducted on Saturday by the Ebonyi State Independent Electoral Commission.

The election was held in the entire 13 Local Government Areas and the 171 wards in the state.

Announcing the result at the commission’s headquarters in Abakaliki on Sunday, the Chairman of ESIEC, Jossy Eze, said that the PDP won all the 13 chairmanship seats and all the 171 councillor slots in the state.

He said, “The Peoples Democratic Party won the entire chairmanship and councillor seats in Abakaliki, Afikpo-North, Afikpo-South, Ishielu, Ikwo, Ivo, Izzi, Ohaukwu, Ohaozara, Onicha, Ebonyi, Ezza-North, and Ezza-South local government areas.”

The conduct of the election was sequel to the expiration of the tenure of the elected council chairmen.

The election was the first to be conducted by the administration of Governor David Umahi.

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Oshiomhole, Mamora Fingered To Become Next SGF

If the Yemi Osinbajo-led panel probing the allegations of financial impropriety against the suspended Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Babachir David Lawal, indicts him, either the former Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole, or former Deputy Senate Minority Leader, Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora, may clinch the top-ranking cabinet post, THISDAY has learnt.

Both men are said to be on a shortlist that is currently before President Muhammadu Buhari, as the Osinbajo panel kicks off the investigation into the management of funds meant for humanitarian assistance in the North-east.

Lawal and the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ambassador Ayo Oke, were sent home by Buhari last week over their respective involvement in the alleged mismanagement of the funds allocated to the Presidential Initiative on the North-east (PINE) and the discovery of N13.3 billion in an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos, penultimate week.

The president also set up a panel headed by Vice-President Osinbajo, with the National Security Adviser (NSA), Maj.-Gen. Babagana Monguno (rtd), and the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN), as members to probe the suspended officials.

However, before the panel concludes its findings and submits its reports, THISDAY learnt from sources in the presidency that a shortlist was already being considered for Lawal’s replacement in the event of his indictment.

Lawal, who oversaw the management of PINE in his capacity as SGF, was alleged to have awarded a N220 million tree-cutting contract to his company, Rholavision Engineering Limited, in contravention of public sector rules barring government officials from awarding contracts to companies in which they have an interest.

Given the damning evidence against him, the thinking is that Lawal may not survive the probe, hence the decision to send a shortlist of possible replacements for the post of SGF.

Speaking on the development, a reliable presidency source said: “The general belief is that Babachir Lawal may not survive the findings of the probe panel, so a shortlist has been drawn up.

“Two names featured prominently on the list. They are Adams Oshiomhole and Olorunnimbe Mamora.”

The source recalled that Buhari had on the expiration of the tenure of Oshiomhole in November last year, told the former labour leader that he deserved a federal appointment, having in his estimation done well as a two-term governor of Edo State.

Although no one knew what the president actually had in mind when he made the remark, it was later believed that Oshiomhole might have been pencilled down as a possible replacement for the incumbent National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), since the office had been zoned to the South-south, the source volunteered.

But with the suspension of Lawal and inability of the APC to hold its national convention due to financial constraints, the presidency source said Oshiomhole has been listed as one of the candidates being considered as SGF.

About two weeks before Lawal’s suspension, Oshiomhole was sighted in the Presidential Villa where he had visited Buhari and held a closed-door meeting with him.

Although the purpose of the meeting was not made public, sources believed that it might not be unconnected with the consideration of the former governor for an appointment.

On the other hand, THISDAY also learnt that some officials in both the cabinet and presidency are pushing for Mamora for the job.

Mamora was recently dropped as a non-career ambassadorial nominee.

Those pushing for Mamora, it was learnt, were said to have held the position that the former Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly and two-term senator, was the most marginalised among those who worked assiduously for Buhari’s victory at the 2015 polls.

A reliable source told THISDAY that the wife of the president, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, is one of those who have been unhappy that Mamora, who was the Deputy Director-General of the Buhari Campaign Organisation during the electioneering, has been left out in the cold since Buhari assumed office almost two years ago.

The presidency source said when Mrs. Buhari came out openly last year to express displeasure that some individuals who worked diligently for her husband’s election victory had been abandoned while those who were not part of the campaign had been rewarded with appointments, Mamora was actually top on the list of those she was referring to.

It was also learnt that some government officials favourably disposed to Mamora had met with Buhari before he travelled for his medical vacation on January 19 and strongly made a case for the former senator.

It was also learnt that the meeting with the president had led to his decision to remove Mamora’s name from the list of non-career ambassadorial nominees, because the thinking was that the former lawmaker deserved a better appointment.

Their argument, it was learnt, was that having waited for over one and a half years then, sending him out of his base would not be helpful for his political future.

THISDAY was also informed that those making the case for Mamora were of the view that if he had waited for almost two years while his counterparts who jointly worked with him for Buhari’s victory, he deserved nothing less that the SGF’s office.

The argument of those pushing for Mamora is predicated on the maxim that the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

Other than Oshiomhole and Mamora, THISDAY also learnt at the weekend that the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF), Dr. Habitat Lawal, who is presently the acting SGF, appears to be scheming to ensure that she is made the substantive SGF despite being a career civil servant.

But those privy to her ambition have said her chances of clinching the job are very slim because she is a civil servant and the post of SGF over time has been made a political appointment.
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Jonathan Will Not Succumb To Pressure Of Speaking On Ikoyi Billions- Close Associate

ThisDay has gathered that former President Goodluck Jonathan may not succumb to pressure to speak on the N13.3 billion recovered from the Ikoyi apartment, despite mounting calls from some quarters for the ex-president to comment on the shocking discovery which is now being investigated by the panel led by Osinbajo.

A close associate of the former president, who spoke to ThisDay off the record because he was not mandated by the former president to speak on his behalf, stated that it was wrong for people to expect Jonathan to speak openly on security approvals and operations under his administration.

The president’s associate who claimed to have met with Jonathan, who according to him, has just returned from an international engagement, maintained that the standard thing to do was to request concerned intelligence chiefs to offer professional clarifications when necessary.

Prodded to comment on whether Jonathan approved the money, which is now being claimed by the NIA, the source maintained that the ex-president made legitimate approvals for the nation’s security and intelligence agencies in his capacity as president, adding that the ongoing investigations would prove that Jonathan did the right thing.

He further rejected suggestions that the recovered money may have been kept for election purposes by the former administration, stressing that it would be unreasonable for anybody to insinuate that NIA bosses would still be keeping money for Jonathan, two years after the former president left office.

He said: “Nigerians should be careful not to let their emotions get the better of them in order not to destroy the integrity of the nation’s respected institutions, especially the Office of the President.

“It is worrying the way the media is sensationalising the issue of the funds recovered in a Lagos flat, with reference to the immediate past president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

“From a section of the media we have seen a baseless desperation to link the former president with the money, generate negative headlines and swing public opinion, in line with preconceived objectives.

“From that quarter also is a strident and dramatised call for ex-President Jonathan to openly discuss details of security approvals and operations, even when a presidential panel is already investigating the matter.

“There is nowhere in the world where former or serving presidents are challenged daily to speak on covert activities of elite intelligence agencies, especially where concerned intelligence chiefs are on hand to offer professional clarifications.”

He added that while investigations are ongoing, “those sold on spinning imaginary tales have been vainly striving to sell to the public an orchestrated narrative that the fund which we are told belong to the NIA, was set aside for 2015 general election”.

“Obviously, this unsubstantiated calculation holds no water because it does not make sense to claim that the NIA chiefs who are now under a new boss would still be warehousing money for 2015 polls long after the elections, and two years after the former president has handed over to his successor.

“We should not forget that former President Jonathan stayed on as president for two months after the 2015 presidential election before handing over power to his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari, on May 29, 2015.

“Have the authors of this false narrative wondered why Jonathan did not use the opportunity of those last days in office to help himself to the recovered money, if indeed it was stashed on his orders, as is now being strangely claimed in some quarters?

“As Nigerians who wish the best for our dear country, it behoves all of us to remain truly committed to the efforts towards rebuilding the nation.

“Those who pour all their energies into spreading falsehood and promoting unhelpful lynch plots are only hurting the process,” Jonathan’s associate said.

When contacted, Jonathan’s spokesman, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze, confirmed that the ex-president has just returned from a foreign trip.

Eze, however, refused to make any comments on the story, stressing that he was yet to meet and discuss with his boss since his return.
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Man caught with human part in Ilorin!

A middle aged man has been arrested in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital for possessing human parts.

Online gathered that the suspect had been monitored by residents of Ita Kudimo, Abata Suban, Pakata area of Ilorin West local government in the past few days after speculation grew that he possessed a corpse in his building.

It was also gathered that the neighbours of the suspect swooped on his residence at about noon on Sunday and the suspect was allegedly caught with human parts.

He was later dragged to Adewole Police station in the Ilorin metropolis amidst shouting and rain of curses by the crowd of people.

It was also gathered that house of the suspect was demolished and his properties were carted away by hoodlums who took advantage of the situation to perpetuate their dastardly acts.

Speaking on the development, the police public relations officer, Ajayi Okasanmi, who confirmed the incident, said that the command had commenced investigation on the alleged crime.

Also speaking on the development, the commissioner of Police in Kwara State, Mr Olusola Amore, who did not give the name of the suspect, said that, “it is true that a man was caught with human parts today.

He was being beaten at Kudimo area of Adewole on Sunday. There was a crowd trying to lynch the man. In fact, they had set ablaze his car because they discovered that some odour was coming out of his apartment.

On a closer look, they discovered that he had human parts, skulls and other parts, while they were trying to lynch him, police was informed and moved to the place and caught the man arrested.

We arrested him so that we can know other people connected with that business they are doing. The case is now at Adewole but the State CID will take over the case.

We are going to get to know who and who are involved with him. presently, the case is under investigation.”
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