Monday, 19 September 2016

11-Year Old Accidentally Hangs Self While Trying To Mimic YouTube Pranks

A Georgia mother is grieving for her 11-year-old son, whom she says accidentally hanged himself while trying to mimic pranks he had watched on YouTube.

Cantenecia Stokes, of East Point, Georgia, found Aundreis Bass, her eldest child, hanging from a rope inside a closet in his bedroom. She tried to save him, cut the rope and called 911.

But the boy died last week, four days after his mother found him. She says he had been watching prank videos on YouTube about hanging.

Aundreis tried to untie himself but didn't know how to take the rope off, according to his mother. The three children were the ones who told her their brother wasn't breathing, Stokes said. She ran to the scene and tried to rescue her son.

But he wasn't responding and died four days later at a children's hospital in Atlanta.Read More :

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