Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Check out the academic goals of Cynthia Adaeze Onwuchuruba the author or "Academic without tears"

Cynthia Adaeze Onwuchuruba 

Life is all about setting goals,  having dreams and by God's grace, you achieve them....  The author of the highly inspiring book "Academic without tear"  Cynthia Adaeze Onwuchuruba is sure a lady with a very big dream.... She took to Facebook some hours ago and wrote out her academic goals and it's mind blowing...  For the records she is a First class graduate of Mathematics from the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe United, Awka.... What she wrote after the cut.....

My academic goal and Plans

2016-2018 MSc Applied Mathematics.
Target grade- Distinction, 5.0 CGPA

Before 2018- MSc Technology, Innovation and Education(T. I. E) in Mathematics in HARVARD. 
Target- just break the Academic record. 

2019-2021 P.Hd in Mathematics.
Target - minimum of 5 local and 5 international publications. 

2023- Post Doctorate in Mathematics.
Target- analyse and create the Future 

So help me God??
#hold that thought first, remember, I said just ACADEMIC goals. 
#never stop dreaming.
#Mathematics is like music to my soul- Cynthymatics

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