Thursday, 22 September 2016

Come and remove your billboard, no one endorsed you ~ Ndi Amawbia to Obiano.

The people of Amawbia woke up to see a signpost erected at the community announcing the endorsement of Obiano for second term, without the consent of the people. This signpost is already causing crisis in the community as people seek to know who authorised it and at which place the endorsement was made.
They seek to know who and who endorsed Obiano in the name of the community.

Many indigenes of Amawbia who spoke to APGA Interactive Forum, were furious stating that few govt sycophants in the community were behind it. They warned against using the community's name to go into any deal with Obiano and his second term ambition as the community can not endorse any candidate for now.
A senior respected citizen in the community told This Forum that, "It is too early to endorse any candidate and those mounting such signpost in our town are on their own, they should return any money given to them on behalf of Amawbia or our youths will embarrass them at our yearly meeting, we know them".
However, our investigation shows that the signpost was mounted by Obiano agents with tacit support of Ozo Victor Oye, the Amawbia born APGA National Chairman.
We are aware that Obiano has been working on billboards. He is a gov whose work is only seen on giants billboards. So if he chose to be endorsed by billboards, no wahala ma na ubochi vote ka oya ebe.
On that day, billboards will vote for him.

Source: Facebook/ Eneh Victor Chigozie
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