Thursday, 22 September 2016

Disabled woman shames businessmen who refused to move from her reserved seats

A disabled woman has shamed fellow train passengers who she claims forced her to stand in agony after refusing to move from her reserved seats.Cat Lee, shared a picture of two men on Facebook.

The 43-year-old suffered nerve damage during an operation which has left her with crippling groin pain and unable to work.She said she explained her disabilities to the men and that she had reserved the seats for her and a friend but they still refused to move.
She wrote on Facebook:

"Meet these gentleman. Travelling from London Kings Cross on the 18:03 to Skipton. Charming fellows took reserved seats from Rach & I.
"As a disabled passenger, I stated why I needed my reserve seat. They didn't budge. I'm sure their wives and mothers would be proud of them."
Her friend Kath Sansom, who Miss Lee asked to speak on her behalf, said:

 "Cat said to them they were in her reserved seats and the men totally ignored her and kept staring at their phones.It was a very passive aggressive response; if I don't look at you and ignore you then you wont dare ask me again. Cat felt unable to challenge them.Sadly nowadays nobody really gets involved in other people's problems and Cat just left it.
"The aisles were rammed packed so they were unable to push past everybody to try to find a guard. She was in pain and needed her friend there for support.
"Cat feels angry that people think they can do as they please with no consideration for others. The seats are reserved. End of. I just hope it sends a message to others not to do this to people."

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