Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Let me start this write up by asking you why you are still jobless?? Why don't you have a job? What can you do? Where does your talent lie??

Cossy Orjiakor is a woman Nigerians have come to live with, though some of us who think we're holy can not do anything than accept her for who she is, and who really is she??
She is one of those in the entertainment industry I call ''UNSUCCESSFUL'' or ''FAILED'' actors as acting didn't and never paid off and she had to rediscover herself and where her talent lie.
Cossy had tried acting, dancing and singing, at some point, she took some very ''Extreme'' roles of sleeping with a dogs on set (make-believe though) and none of these broke even for her till she sat to talk to herself into redirecting her prowesses and today, it is paying off.
TOUCH and PAY BOOBS for business in Nigeria has never been a business any sane person would ever wish to engage in but she discovered that area of business and had to carve a niche for herself in that area. Laughable as it might seem, but Cossy Orjiakor is making a kill in that area of business which is not crowded yet as she is still the leading star in Nigeria in the ''BREAST BUSINESS''.
So, if you like, make you use 100 bras take hold your own breast and remain very poor, while wasting those assets that could have been useful to some people in Cossy Orjiakor's line of business.
Today, Cossy is reported to have built her forth house in the Lekki area of Lagos with customized cars she cruises around town and we still think she is not wise??
What has those your breast of yours done for you?? How poor are you while condemning Cossy when you see her drive pass in one of her jeeps?? Is there an asset or talent wasting away in you that could be harnessed??
Anyways, I feel we all should rediscover our potentials, work on them, harness them to push ourselves out of joblessness and poverty.
Good morning my people, nah write I write ooooo, i no support BOOBS business ooooo.

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