Thursday, 22 September 2016

Good Samaritan offers to help car crash victim move her car, then disappears with it(photos)

A crash victim thought a Good Samaritan "gentleman" had come to her aide after an accident - but he had instead come for her car.

Arali McGrath was comforted and hugged by the crook, who had rushed to her assistance after she ploughed off the road and hit a cafe door in Birmingham.
The drama happened on the afternoon of Sunday, September 18, as Arali was driving in the city’s  to meet her boyfriend and some of his friends.
Arali, aged 20, said:

 I was crying and shaking. I’d only passed my test in May and this was the first crash I’d ever had.”He was such a gentleman,”  “He came over to me and got me out of my car and hugged me.“He said, ‘Darling, don’t worry. It’s nothing.’ He really calmed me down.“He was around 30. He had a real Brummie accent. He was about 6ft 1 with scruffy ginger hair. He kept calling me ‘darling’. He was so nice.”
She said the Good Samaritan had been walking down the street when he came to the rescue.The man offered to move her car as it was blocking the road, but a woman who was there said Arali should move it.

Arali said the man then protested.
“He said I was in no fit state to drive. He told me that he lived in a flat just up the road. He pointed down the road and said ‘I’ll just park it up there, darling’.”
Arali thanked him and then watched as he drove the car up the road - and disappeared.
Not only was Arali’s car gone but also her handbag, her purse, a six-pack of beer she was taking to the stag do and presents she had just bought her boyfriend while on holiday in Tenerife .
The car itself was special to Arali.Police found the car abandoned in Smethwick two days later, minus all the property which had been inside.
Arali said the police suspected that the vehicle may have been used in another crime and would need to carry out forensic tests.
She expects to get the vehicle back eventually.
The Birmingham Mail
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