Thursday, 8 September 2016

Meet Charlotte, the woman with highest number of tattoos on her body (photos)

At age 67, Charlotte has proven that she is fearless of pain and needles as her body is exactly 91.5% covered in elaborate designs and colour.

A writer from Melbourne, Florida, she is a master of occupations- certified as a personal trainer and life coach.

Charlotte’s record-breaking story began a decade ago, when she started accumulating tattoos following her first professional tattoo in 2006.

This was done as a birthday gift for herself following the death of her husband – who was always opposed to body art. From that very first splotch of ink, Charlotte's passion for tattoos spread like wildfire over her body.

Despite the near total coverage of her body, Charlotte still plans on adding tattoos to her rather interesting collection, the next being a piece of artwork on her head by Billy Haydock of Alternative Connections in Melbourne, Florida.

Charlotte says that she often gets plenty of attention for her inked skin.

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