Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Mum locks terrified toddler alone in car after midnight to go clubbing(photo)

A shocking picture shows a hysterical toddler screaming for help after being left in a locked car while his mother went clubbing with her work colleagues.
A dramatic confrontation erupted between the party animal parent, 25, and a group of concerned bystanders who called the police.
According to the Sun, one angry man damaged the woman’s car resulting in her reporting him to the cops for vandalism.The two-year-old’s cries were heard by the group of passers-by in the early hours of Sunday morning.
When they found the distraught child locked in the vehicle without any adult supervision they phoned the authorities.
The police, who arrived at the scene shortly after, called a mechanic to bust the frightened toddler out of the car before the clubbing-fanatic mother turned up 20 minutes later.The police in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, said in a statement that the mother had left the child so that she could party at a nightclub with her workmates.
They said the young woman faces charges for “dereliction of the duty of care of her child in front of the public prosecutors”.
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  1. to club for goodness sake ? Couldn't she hire a nanny or something ?


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