Monday, 5 September 2016

Pet dog Anuko helps owner earn £20,000 for her medical degree with it's fierce look (photos)

The dog
A student hopes this husky’s steely glare will help make her future rosy. Jasmine Milton, 20, has already raised £20,000 towards funding a medical degree through her two-year-old pet Anuko’s fierce look, caused by the pattern of his fur.

He has almost 11,000 Instagram followers and is in demand for modelling jobs.

Despite his grumpy look owner Jasmine, of Shropshire, said: “He looks grumpy but actually he is really friendly and affectionate.”

Ever since she bought the canine, Anuko has helped Jasmine through her battle with bipolar. The pair formed an instant bond and became inseparable and often meet other owners and take long walks.

Unlike internet sensation Grumpy Cat, Anuko’s expression is created by the pattern in his fur rather than his bone structure.

Thanks to her pup, Jasmine hopes to nab a place at Plovdiv Medical University in Bulgaria next year.

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