Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ritual conversation between UNILAG undergraduate Jennifer Nnamaka Obiajulu and her friend (OMG)

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Got this from SDK and decided to share.. OMG!.. it's shocking.. Things girls do for money!.. Guys best be careful as people (not just girls) can do anything for money!...

So a guy overheard his girlfriend named Jennifer Nnamaka Obiajulu a Maths undergraduate of UNILAG talking on the phone with her friend about not bathing beacause of a ritual, Then she started the incantations. All the while she thought he was asleep.  He was frozen on the bed till he heard her snoring then he got her phone and gut the chat....
OMG.... See after the cut...

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  1. chei!!! am having goose bumps anytime I try to imagine this. .. the world is getting darker each day


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