Friday, 2 September 2016

That Time I Went Blonde - Kourtney Kardashian went blonde at 16(Photo)

Not just Kim but Kourtney Kardashian has also tried out a blonde hair but she apparently wasn't feeling it as she has since stuck to her brunette locks.Sharing this photo of her at 16,she wrote on her app

'OMG. Kim isn't the only one in the family that has gone bleach blonde,I found this picture of me when I was 16—and it brought back so many memories from this era!'Between the lip liner, pencil-thin eyebrows and the white hair, I guess I really embraced the '90s trends back in the day!'

'I kept this hair color for only a month before dying my hair light brown with highlights. When I was getting my highlights touched up, all of them fried off and I had spikes of hair that stuck up so I dyed my hair black and cut it short.'
 The next time I went blonde, I wore a wig for a cover shoot for 944 Magazine—in 2009,' Kourtney explained.'Even though I'll probably never do something this extreme with my hair again—because it destroyed my hair and took forever to get healthy—I'm happy I tried it once.'And just in case you were wondering—no, I've never gotten a nose job LOL!'
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