Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Vietnamese couple who were too shy to buy a condom lands in hospital... What they did will shock you


A couple having s*x for the first time has landed in trouble and left with serious injuries. What they did will leave you in shock.
The Vietnamese couple having s*x for the first time were left with serious injuries after a serious mishap. The couple who were too shy to buy a condom, had opted to use a plastic bag as a condom and it backfired.
Dailymail reports that the pair ended up in hospital in the city of Hanoi having sustained bad scratches during the sexual encounter.
The youngsters were both college undergraduates according to the hospital director, Nguyen The Luong.

Vietnam’s Tuoi Tre newspaper reported today that it was the first time the couple had had s*x but, embarrassed about purchasing a condom in a shop, the boy suggested he use a plastic bag for protection.
‘As the plastic bag was rough and lacked elasticity and lubrication, the young couple ended up scratching their genitals to the point of bleeding,’ said the paper.
‘The lovebirds underwent a thorough check-up and were prescribed with antibiotics and disinfectants for their injuries.’ 
The paper said it had spoken to doctors who said that the use of plastic bags or similar household products as alternatives to condoms was strongly discouraged because such items were ‘not designed for the function.’ 
Doctors said thick plastic bags can scratch or even tear private parts, while thinner ones are just as damaging and are prone to break much more easily than condoms.
It has not been revealed whether the couple have been able to continue their sexual activities – and whether they are now using a more acceptable form of contraception.
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