Saturday, 15 October 2016

44 years old woman bets $223,000 on Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump

A mystery gambler appears to be pretty confident that Hillary Clinton will be the next US President - after placing a staggering £183,200 ($223,000) bet on her to win.
The 44-year-old woman - who had never placed a bet before - staked the bet, on the Democratic candidate at a William Hill shop in Northumberland on Thursday, Chronicle Live reports.
The following day she returned to the branch to place an additional £13,200 on Mrs Clinton to succeed Barack Obama at odds of 1/8.
The woman now stands to receive a £205,916 payout - winnings of £22,716 - if the former Secretary of State defeats the controversial businessman Donald Trump on November 8.
William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said the woman told staff at the branch that she saw the bet as an “investment”.
Mr Sharpe said: 
“The lady arrived at the shop almost before the door had been unlocked telling staff that she is so convinced that Hillary will win she wanted to add to her bet.
“However, Donald Trump’s odds have drifted out so much that we are beginning to see money for him again and the biggest bet put on him this week was £2,000 in Suffolk.”
The woman’s bet is the second largest to have been placed on Mrs Clinton after another woman put €550,000 on her to win when the odds were 4/11.
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