Saturday, 1 October 2016

Angelina Jolie 'doesn't want Brad Pitt prosecuted' over abuse allegations

Angelina Jolie will reportedly refuse to co-operate with police if Brad Pitt is charged with abusing their 15-year-old son Maddox.

The actress, 41 - who is divorcing Brad, 52, after two years of marriage - apparently claims he shouldn't be prosecuted for allegedly getting physical with Maddox on their private jet.

A source close to Angelia told TMZ she'll go 'radio silent' if authorities attempt to build a case against
the Fight Club star.

Her priority is to look out for her children not punish Brad, the source said.

The source also claimed that Angelina told social workers Brad struck Maddox in the face during the dispute on the family plane mid September.

But other sources say there was no intentional physical contact between the pair and that Brad only accidentally brushed Maddox's shoulders in the argument.

It was previously reported the actor will not be prosecuted according to multiple law enforcement sources involved in the case because there's 'no way to conclusively prove Brad intentionally inflicted harm on his son.'

Source - DailyMailUK
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