Thursday, 20 October 2016

Owner of Chelsea International School, Abuja kidnapped by her driver and his friends, raped, duped and buried alive!.. (watch)

The Owner of Chelsea Intl School in Abuja, was kidnapped by her driver and his friend!.. They stole huge amount of money from her, raped her and buried her alive.... Hmm... The video above tell it all...
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  1. I plead that the State should enact a new law that will dictate how men like these are executed in return for their wickedness. Maybe then should have their legs and arms chopped off, one by one every week for a period of 4 weeks. In the 8th week, they should be castrated and in the 12th week, they should be suffocated or drown or beheaded. Then, their bodies should be decomposed with acid and burnt beyond recognition without a grave. That will be only only way to ensure they suffer similar pains of death that they did to the woman. Sad and very painful. They are beasts without conscience and they should also perish without a grave. Men!


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