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Hit them with sticks whenever you see them - Att. Gen of Katsina Elmarzuk threatens Social Media Users In Katsina

Elmarzuk Attorney General Katsina State

Saw this on KatsinaReporters  and i decided to share.. Enjoy below.... It's an eye opener...
It started like a joke, but soon after he begun to spit words that were bitter & sour that inspired vengeance in the hearts of weak minds that sat down in anticipation to hear something positive from the Attorney General Katsina State government, Elmarzuk.

His body language & facial expression was horrific; one could assume Donald Trump in action. Active Social Media personalities where in attendance, all hoping to listen to reasonable feedbacks but instead it was goofed upon goofed that dominates the words that were spoken by our leaders here referred to Attorney General Elmarzuk & His Excellency RT.Hon Aminu Bello Masari .
According to a firsthand witness who intends not to be mentioned relates the story to the words of Elmarzuk in Hausa dialect “ Abun ya isa haka nan, wallahi baza mu kara yin hakuri ba, Daga yanzu idon suka soki gwamnatin Masari, Ko suka zagi Gwamna Masari a Social media to idan kun san su, kuma ku ka gansu to ku sa gora ku buge su, ba abunda zai faru”.
Meaning “We will no longer tolerate it anymore, from now on, whoever criticised the government of Masari or abuse/insult the government of Masari, if you know them and you get to meet them by chance I urge you to use sticks and beat the hell out of them and nothing will happen”.
He further went ahead to say “Kuma bari ku ji ingaya maku, Muna nan zamu sa a sa doka a cikin kundin tsarin mulkin Najeriya akan masu amfani da kafar Social Media don hukunta bata gari”.
Meaning “We are working on how to include a law in the constitution that will monitor Social Media & shall punish users that proved stubborn”.
These were the words that those who attended the breaking of Ramadhan Fasting with Gov. Masari & the online Social Media communities bare witnessed and listened to that spit venom, hatred, suppression of Social Media freedom upon it users. It reminds Katsina people of Gov. Ibrahim Shehu Shema when he goofed in public demanding his supporters to crush people like cockroaches. No doubt Elmarzuk was carried away by the false illusive winds of power; he was archaic. He appears & Sounds like an feeble old man desperate to be active when he is nothing but an old loose cannon.
Could the likes of Elmarzuk be among the fore front saboteurs of Masari’s government who whispers all sorts of political junks into his ears? Anyway I am just asking an honest question.
When the number one (1) Katsina citizen begun to talk, it reveals the kind of Governor Katsina people are not fortunate to have at this global age system of governance. He was primitive in thinking, scared to embrace the modern tool of communication when he goofed and revealed that he has no time for the modern social media, talk less of connecting with the online community that may be just may be it might lead to engagement between him and the people living in the virtual community he governs.
He is insensitive to what the social media online community is up to in Katsina, I know by now you might begin to wonder what purpose do the office of Special Assistant on Social Media serves? Could it be Governor Masari created an office which he never intends to embrace the outcomes from the same virtual community he created the office for? Or he just went with flow just to be applauded as a new generation leader who is dynamic & evolving in both worlds.
The truth is bitter, it takes guts to get people to speak to media outlets regards matters that affects both the real world & that of the online community when it comes from the government at a time when every soul is searching for the hands that will feed him & satisfy his immediate financial hunger.
So, to those who were offended, who feel unimportant because they were not invited, who feels they ought to have been in attendance to listen to the demoralizing words from our leaders, should have no cause for alarm, book your invitation in advance against the next Ramadhan fasting and wish not to listen to words that might inspire violence/online media bulling by the infected siblings of this government; Masari’s Government.
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