Saturday, 15 October 2016

How To Be A Successful Seller

What do you know about The name rings a bell, right? And it isn’t surprising, as Jiji is the best marketplace in Nigeria. If you are a seller, it is an amazing place to make your business successful.
Don’t worry and don’t be afraid. It is very easy to start.

Your career path as a seller on Jiji will look like this:

       Register. It is free and takes just a few minutes. You can indicate all required information or simply register with Facebook.
       Post an ad. It is also free of charge, regardless of how many ads you are going to post.
       Keep in touch with potential buyers. Answer the questions and be patient. People want to know what they buy just as much as you want to say ‘goodbye’ to an item.
       Make a deal. Sooner or later, someone willing to buy what you offer will appear. Discuss all terms and conditions and do it.
Selling with Jiji is the easiest way to earn in case you know, how everything should be organized. Here are some helpful tips.
1.      Provide only true information.
2.      Don’t be lazy to write a detailed description of your item’s features and specifications.
3.      Attach some photos to let potential buyers see what exactly they are going to buy.
4.      Provide real phone number and email address so users can contact you.
5.      Try to have realistic expectations. Don’t put too high price, don’t be too demanding to clients.
6.      Arrange personal meeting. Don’t require paying in advance and don’t send anything before a buyer paid for it.
7.      Read Safety Tips section before starting. However, there is no need to be suspicious; just be reasonable.
8.      Use premium plans and boost your ads to make them more popular and more frequently seen.

Selling with Jiji helps you to get rid of things you don’t need and make money on this. It sticks to the principles of personal communication and to the great extent remains the good old market, the one you’ve got used to. Nevertheless, it has acquired more advantages now.
For more information, visit and get ready to selling adventures.
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