Monday, 24 October 2016

Lol!. Over 200 Nigerians call radio station over missing bag


Nawah!.. Nothing When person no go hear for this recession period!.. Is this how people are dishonest?......According to a social media user, drama of comedic proportions played at UNIQ FM, Ilesha, when over 200 people called in to claim that they had found a missing bag. The owner had reported the bag missing and promised a reward for whoever finds and returns the bag. What he wrote after the cut...

A bag containing different articles and important document was reportedly missing at Ikirun, Osun state and the owner lodged complain to a radio station at Ilesha.
Surprisingly almost 200 people was said to have called the radio station saying they have found the missing bag. How can 200 people from different places see a single missing bag?

Unknown to the callers, the calls were recorded and was broadcast on the radio in the recorded format. The first guy was not a Yoruba guy but likely an Igbo guy. He claimed to have seen the bag and requested the owner to send 20 thousand naira to retrieve his bag.

The second person was heard to have requested for recharge card so he can travel down to Ilesha from Oshogbo to deliver the missing bag. And so on and so forth.

The most surprising caller was an old man, the man surprised every one because as an elder, such corrupt practice should be not be heard from him. But the man, after series of interrogation and call back etc, eventually demanded that money should be sent into an account to retrieve the money. I salute UNIQ FM Ilesha for their wisdom, because in that bag, there were phones inside, so the man making the call ordered him to switch on one of the phones so he can call into one of it to confirm if truly the bag is with him.

That was how problem started and the man started saying nonsense. The man promptly pressed red button on his phone immediately he discovered he had been caught to be a fraudster.

Why is corruption so rampant everywhere like this? The bag is yet to be seen till date and people are trying to dupe the person searching for the bag. SMH

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