Wednesday, 12 October 2016

My detention will Not in any way stop me from expressing my opinion - Jamil Ismail Mabai

Katsina based Blogger Ismal Jamil Mabai who was arrested by the Katsina state government and later released have written out letter of appreciacion to everyone who supported him during his har time!..... What he wrote on Facebook after the cut......

In the name Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful.
It has been 22 days since I was arrested and detained by men of the Nigerian Police Katsina State command over a complaint submitted officially by the Katsina State government for alleged incitement of public disturbance to the government of Katsina State.
God in his infinite mercy i was granted bail by Justice Maikaita Bako.
I want to use this opportunity to extend my appreciation and thank my family, friends and well-wishers for their prayers and relentless struggle/effort in the fight and campaign to secure my freedom from detention.
Furthermore, I warmly appreciate the role played by all the media outlets for the wide coverage and campaign towards my release.
The blogging community has proven to be one united family that is ready to stand firmly for what is right and to defend any threat that will threaten the very foundation that binds us together as a family. I thank all the bloggers and blogging community in general for their kindness.
My appreciation also goes to all the civil society organization, social media activist, journalist, elder statesmen, writers and individuals whom were relentless, committed towards my release on bail.
Let me assure you, my detention will NOT in any way weaken or stop me from expressing my opinion. Challenges and mistakes do happen in life, acknowledging our mistakes positively will determine our seriousness to do our work better in our collective pursuit of success and greatness.
The fight for our freedom has just began, and as Nigerians we have that absolute right to choose any platform to express our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the way we are being governed by the people we elected in to power. If those elected into power can express their opinion freely without intimidation, if they can make policies that is not in line with what we want at their own convenience, then I see no reason why we can’t have such undisputed privilege to express our own opinion without any fear of intimidation from the same people that BEG for our votes when they needed us.
The only platform Nigerians have in expressing their freedom is through the use of social networks and now the Government wants to forcefully seize that privilege from us by all means necessary, but God almighty will not allow it to happen.
Now is the moment we get to plant the seeds of freedom for later, we have to unite, endure and fight for our freedom by all legal means necessary and within the content of the law.
My deepest regards to management of Cliqq Magazine for their courage in continuing the good work while I was away, Cliqq Magazine is back and stronger than before, we shall continue to work hard and improve upon our mistakes for a better tomorrow, and we shall continue to bring good contents that will enrich our readers positively.
Lastly, on behalf of the management of once again, appreciates the support we received from all of you.
God bless Katsina State,
God bless Social Media,
God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.
Jamilu Ismaila Mabai
Online Publisher Cliqq Magazine, Columnist with Katsina Reporters, Blogger & Public Speaker.
Follow me on twitter @jaymb000
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