Friday, 14 October 2016

My ordeals in the hands of a fraudster and EFCC - Jummai Ibrahim Katsina

Popular Facebook commentator Jummai Ibrahim Katsina took to Facebook to lament on how she was duped by one Okudiwa Desmond Emeka from Delta state, and how all her efforts to get him down through the EFCC failed... What she wrote after the cut....

Let me begin by this disclosure:
*Fraudster - Okwudiwa Desmond Emeka
*Bank - FBN, Katsina Branch
*Acct. Number - 3031927377
*Transactions ID - AA/17 0212641
*Date - 10/10/2012 & 30/10/2012
*Contact: 08162842472, and a lady
aided him 08162842774
*Address: Ogwashi Uku, Delta state. *Company faked: Oando PLC
*Amount claiming: (can't disclose here).

Despite all that, i went ahead loving the Igbo race, their region and religion but vehemently and unforgivably keep doubting and
questioning the integrity of Anti-graft war in Nigeria and its camouflaged Agencies.
Moreso, i cant disclose how it all happened here as i didn't for the amount duped, forgive me for such an information deems an exclusive confidential
for officials that can help me.
Six months ago, on my way leaving Nigeria for Dubai, am directed to lodge a complaint at EFCC N/W Zonal office near Hajj Camp Kano. An incident that led me to unnecessarily missed my flight and thus I'd to passed another night at Royal Tropicana Hotels (along Airport Rd., Nomansland Kano).
Pending my return journey to Nigeria, I kept in touch with all agencies earlier reported to, only for me to arrived and met nothing done in my favour. In Lagos, I reached their similar S/W Zonal office at Ikoyi.
The perpetrator Desmond O. Emeka blocked all means of contacting him and vanished. So I kept roaming in between H/Qtrs of the Company faked at Zenon in Ajose Adeogun (Victoria Island) and at Oba Akran branch of the First Bank, and when finally back at Katsina, I continued at the initial branch.
The only help they offered me was of identifying and alerting their Ogwashi Uku branch in Delta state where aided the scam, then directed that I should go there, noting all the fruitless wahala I did so far... I shun the idea of heeding their directives.

Sadly enough, I lost millions and I re-lost
hundred of thousands woefully chasing a
Shadow, fighting a war that finally fought and finished me with the scars and pains
of a deported Nigerian from foreign land.

Olaiya-Jummai Akinwunmi (Miss) can ne reach at '' or Twitter at '@jhpkatsina' always!
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