Monday, 10 October 2016

One-legged burglar Michael Flanagan, breaks into flat, floods it and steals TV(Photos)

A one-legged burglar who stole a TV after breaking into a flat and flooding it has been jailed.

CCTV footage showed Michael Flanagan drag his wheelchair through a smashed window before pulling the pipes on two washing machines.

The disabled criminal then lifted a TV through the window before climbing back out and making off.

Prosecuting, Jenny Haigh, said:

 “He takes a hammer, smashes the glass of the property, climbs through and brings his wheelchair through that window to assist him and then disconnects two washing machines, leaving water leaking out all over the floor.“He steals a TV and leaves blood at the scene.”
 According to the Gazette Live, he was recognised by his landlord who also owned the property.

The court heard Flanagan, of Norton Road, Stockton , had targeted the house in revenge, believing his landlord owed him money.

While on bail for the burglary he was then caught committing fraud by selling stolen goods to a pawn shop in Stockton.

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