Monday, 31 October 2016

Waitress caught on CCTV having sex with customer outside a restaurant in Thailand

WTF? A waitress has been caught on CCTV having s3x with a customer outside a restaurant. The woman was seen straddling the long-haired man at 11.20pm just minutes after the restaurant had closed.

The two started with having s3x on a chair - and the lady caught lifting her uniform to expose her breasts.

But the flustered pair had to stop sharply when another waitress bursts through the door to collect dirty plates from the tables at the cafe in the northeast of Thailand. The embarrassed girl pretends not to notice the horny pair as the woman quickly jumps off the padded black chair and collects the glasses.

The clip went viral after being leaked and shared online by a fellow staff member who asked to remain anonymous.

He said: "The man had been waiting until after the bar closed. They thought it was quiet and that nobody would disturb them.

"Unfortunately for them there are cameras everywhere. They could have just waited another 30 minutes and found a room."

And this isn't the only amorous couple caught getting down and dirty recently.

A woman caught on camera performing a sex act on her boyfriend in broad daylight told police not to stop them when officers tried to break the randy pair up.Read More :

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