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Winner of MR NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL 2016. ERICO ANTHONY A Fit and Commercial Model

Speaking with Erico Anthony, Mr. Nigeria International 2016 is a story to tell as I released that most things are done out of passion, decision and direction to achieved a set goal in the set career.

 I’m Erico Anthony, Mr. Nigeria International 2016, 20years, from kogi state- Nigeria, a student of Salem University of Lokoja, studying Criminology & Security,  5’11 tall, weight: 60, chest 44, a Commercial and fit Model.

1.    Pictures from the brand  Mr. & Miss. Nigeria International 2016 platforms and ready to shoot more….

2.   Brand/Headshots, am ready to give out any of my Brand or headshots for any of the casting to spread my stand for my brand position and commercial fit jobs as a premium model.

3.   Self-presentation skills : I am more of my self confidence at every giving time to face the camera. I seem to see my modeling career as part of me; I am unlimited in creative skills within my inner mind for brands. As I intend to use my present position as Mr. Nigeria International 2016 to give back to the society a Charity ‘helping the destitute’ Youth Empowerment and Skill Acquisition Program.

4.   “Bag of tricks”: My bag of trick are one of the actual reasons I grow strong, active and more creative before cameras, such as a must have the materials and skills to do my own fair makeup in a variety of styles, and a wardrobe and shoes appropriate to basic modeling situations. lol 

5.      Self Discipline: I am a well discipline model back from my parental background, groomed by the modeling brand, ‘Brendance & Crusader Ltd’ with the roles and instructions.

6. Modeling Skills:

Brand Advert



Ability to get along with others

Teamwork: I am ready and I will always co-operates.

What it’s Really Like Being a Brand King and Fit Modelling

Hnmm!  I am proud to say that it was a difficult task going through a training process in the pageantry camp…..  but I will work and leave to tell more of the story. Kudos!! To the man of Poise, Class &
,  Ambassdor Brendan Niskak, CEO, great teacher,  i reserve other words for now.    

Yes! I made to the position As Mr. Nigeria International 2016, fit model; words are not enough to appreciate everyone who made me got to this position.   

As a fit model,  for branding collection. “Either you are chosen because you have a style that the brand connects with, or somehow you embody what the designer senses in terms of creativity and design,” says the model, at 5’10 (180 cm) I feel a few inches short of the average height of a runway model, but “A lot of it is just personal and emotional. The designer has to be attracted to you and somehow, on a very human level, want to be around you all day when you’re half-naked.”

The fit, or fitting, model is a vital but rarely talked about role in the fashion industry. A living, breathing mannequin, a fitting model tests out garments to make sure the cut and proportions are right, and helps the brand and designers, pattern cutters and garment technologists identify problems that could impact sales, such as shallow pockets, or armholes cut too tight.

At 5’11 (180 cm), with a 40-inch chest and a 32-inch waist, Nigeria-based fitting model, Erico Anthony ‘Mr. Nigeria International 2016’  has the “perfect average medium” proportions (medium is the best-selling size in menswear). “I hit exactly the middle of medium — it’s tailor-made on me, and then sizing is by scaling up and scaling down,” he says.

What it’s Really Like Being a Brand King and Commercial Model??

Is being a thing of joy, a leading task at hand, and a focus to showcase an exemplary life style to my follow models outside.

As a model, a king, ‘Mr. Nigeria International 2016’ I want to explain a career in a groomed king language, as a commercial model and a career in fashion. Editorial is kind of loosely only referenced to fashion. The truth is that they’re completely different types of careers. There are models who work for commercial brands, like maybe a catalog, like Athletica, or there are a million catalogs these days that models work for and they’re more on the commercial side.

They’re never going to work for a designer. They’re not going to be in the Calvin Klein advertising. They’re not going to walk in a Calvin Klein show. They’re not going to work "Vogue Magazine". But they’re going to work for sort of these commercial brands and you might never know their name. But they work all the time and they make great positive perfect impact to the society.

I think that fashion is great and you do make creative poise and class creative ideals. It’s a longer road. It’s a different kind of a road. "Commercial" is not a dirty word in the sense that because you look more like a lot of different people, therefore you become sort of nondescript. You’re the blonde guy. You’re the brunette guy they use. You’re the guy that looks great in blue. You’re the guy that looks great in black.

There are categories for those things. In commercial modeling, maybe nobody knows your name, but as for me most people known me as ‘Mr. Nigeria International 2016’ you can make a lot of positive impact in the modeling industry, while working for the brand. So, the difference of the work is kind of the difference of the groomed career and ordinary commercial modeling goes on everywhere and that’s the beauty of it.
Thou, commercial modeling goes on in Los Angeles. It goes on in Chicago. It goes on in Dallas or Nigeria and every other African country………

What do you have in return to the society & your supporters??? 
I am working on a project to give back to the society in appreciations to their support during the competition exercises. I want to believe that this project will make a positive impact on the youth in focusing on their better tomorrow, stay away from violent, live a reformed life in the present economic and be positive in thinking..

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