Monday, 3 October 2016

Woman left with a deep cut in the head after after asking for her money from her debtor (Graphic photos)

The heart of man is wicked...  So a Nigerian woman decided to as her friend to pay her the money she owes her instead of paying her,  she sent her kinds to kill her with a machete but thank God she escaped death with a deep cut in the head...  What her son wrote on Facebook after the cut

Lord I thank you for the gift of life upon her,  Immortal and Invisible Jehovah may Your name be praised forever.... the devil came late.... #thankingGodformymum'slife.
Its beyond my comprehension.... a woman sent her kids to attack her becos she was asking for her own money she borrowed to the devilish woman.... dats all. The devil was really overwhelmed, but Christ surfaced to calm the situation.... i would have lost her through a deep cut by a matchet but He knew I and my siblings couldnt have cried over her life after ten years she was made a single parent to solely carter for the family

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