Tuesday, 18 October 2016

World's fattest aspirant loose weight after meeting new lover (Photos)

When you meet the right person in you life, you think and act right!.. You tend to think with your brain NOT you anus!.... Patty Sanchez's who weighed over 386kg because her feeder ex boyfriend encouraged her to eat eat eat...and eat some more!!! It got so bad she aspired to be the fattest woman in the world, but now she is burning all the weight - after her new younger lover gave her a new lease for life.

Since splitting from her former fat-loving lover, Patty, 52, has shed 121kgs - and bagged herself a younger man in the process.

Now Patty's new boyfriend, Bryan Johnson, 38, is putting her through her paces with daily workouts - and plenty of exercise in the bedroom.
Bryan met her on a website for morbidly obese women, after months of chatting, moved in with her. He described their sex life as 'awesome'.

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