Friday, 18 November 2016

CBN approves MMM as a legal financial institution, tells Nigerians to take advantage

CBN approves MMM as a legal financial institution, tells Nigerians to take advantage

The Central Bank of Nigeria governor has approved the operation of Russian ponzi scheme, MMM, and has called on all Nigerians to take advantage of the awoof.

Since the beginning of the year, the Mavrodi Mondial Movement organisation has helped many Nigerians get out of poverty by dashing them up to 30% interest when they invest in it.
It has generated a lot of controversy within the country, and the EFCC had warned people not to put their money into it. The participants of the scheme have also blasted the EFCC for poking their nose into the affairs of well meaning foreigners that have come to rescue them from money issues.
In a statement given to our reporter in the parking lot of the CBN Headquarters in Abuja, the CBN governor allayed the fears of skeptical Nigerians and disclosed that thorough checks carried out on the organisation show that it is a legitimate investment facility. A top official at the Ministry of Finance confided in us that even the federal government has invested the sum of N100b in it so that the interest of N30b can be reinvested in capital projects across the nation.
As a result, our reporter has sold his belongings to raise money for MMM. He is confident that in four weeks, he too would have hammered. We will bring you reports on how that goes.

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