Sunday, 6 November 2016

Dear Oyedepo | Man writes open letter to Winners Chapel G. O. for saying God told him to charge high fees

Dear oyedepo,

Happy Sunday, I will be attending living faith church today in Texas as evidence that I contributed, when I demand for you to give back, not to me but to my community. I am by no means trying to criticize you but to encourage you to be a better man and see things clearly.

Reading some of your stories in the 80s online, you told a story of coming from a very poor family, attending some of the worst schools, not being able to feed and after marriage you and your wife own a small car that you could barely afford to fuel it.

My question is, if you did not attend expensive school, why then do you think God want you to charge his children expensive fees. Are you saying there is no bright future for the poor?
Look back to where you are coming from and think of how many persons who are in your shoes today.

I encourage you to sell 3 of jets and keep one because 4 jets is not needed to do God work. The bible tells me that everything in life is vanity. If my statement is true, clear  your mind n think!

Your prodigal son,
Ambassador Dion Osagie

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