Friday, 25 November 2016

Facebook User blames Gov Masari's insensitivity Over Erisco Foods Decision On Not To Invest In katsina

Facebook user Charles Okafor unleashed his anger on his Facebook timeline on the Governor of Katsina Masari's insensitivity over Erisco Foods LTD withdrawal from building a tomato factory In Danja local government area of the state.

According to Erisco the atmosphere is no more suitable to build a factory in Katsina but rather the company will be relocating to oversee to carry on with their businesses.

Below is what Charles wrote

A Precursor to the wailing wailer series (Erisco Foods as preliminary)

Last month or thereabouts, Erisco Foods Limited shut down its plant in Katsina thus ending a very ambitious, patriotic and productive initiative to convert raw tomatoes to tinned tomato paste. The Nnewi chief and owner, Eric Umeofia cited obnoxious business environment which includes non-access to FOREX to enable the management import key machineries and sundry technologies that could enable the conversion...on of raw tomatoes to canned paste as the reason. As it stands and subject to ceteris paribus, the man may have relocated to China as he said. Curiously, both the state and federal government have not said anything as one would expect of a dynamic and knowledge-based government? One would expect that the same government that preaches agriculture as the only way to denude the stifling-hold of oil crude in the chains of national revenue should feel disturbed when a factory closes shop for want of enabling environment. I do not understand why the government prefers silence in the face of apparent travail of a daring entrepreneur who wanted to contribute to employment generation, food sufficiency and a bloated tax base to the government. I like blaming the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Buhari because we brought them to effect the needed change that should transform our lives. To run a country in a 21st century is no longer a jamboree. It is a serious business. It is a war of brain, brawn, beauty and unalloyed patriotism. It is not unbridled show of hedonism and pettiness exhibited by way of vindictive politicking. Unfortunately, we now see pretense and selective remembrance elevated to a vexatious level in the ongoing Nigeria democratic experience. The implication of the Erisco travails is that many a foreign investor will never come to Nigeria. They will equally dissuade friends and business partners from coming. Erisco foods are willy-nilly, a mirror of our business environment as a country. A country which lacks understanding that national prosperity is a function of clear-headed planning and sensitive execution of thought through plans will remain a hungry bystander in a community of serious minded nations of the world. Your business environment is the political, social, legal, geographical, security, infrastructural, financial, educational, and healthcare and what have you. When you have those functioning in a country as it does in China, Singapore, Malaysia etcetera, Nigeria will become without much ado, the investment destination of preference. All these globe-trotting our leaders do in the name of seeking out foreign investors to my mind, is mere pretense if not a money laundering tactics best known to them and to the best of their knowledge. I might sound alarmist but what other inference could suffice in a situation where one clearly abandoned the road for the bush and still hope to enjoy a smooth ride on his bicycle."
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