Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Governor Masari's visit to China, Benefits and expectations

Governor Aminu Bello Masari has embarked on a journey to China after receiving an invitation from a Chinese company YUSHUI GROUP, a conglomerate of companies that specializes in various fields including Civil Engineering.

According to a reliable source, the company offered to handle all his expenses and that of his entourage in a bid to partner with Katsina State government in the area of Dam construction & its economic benefits in the areas of agriculture and water supply which is part of the key agenda of Masari’s administration.

It is no doubt that Katsina State is facing major challenges in the areas of water supply which directly or indirectly affects the economic well-being of the people.

In areas like Danja local government which is known for its irrigation farming. The people find it very difficult to sustain irrigation farming due to lack of water supply in the area which prompted the Masari administration to create and provide a lasting solutions that will alleviate the suffering that comes with shortages of water supply by constructing a Dam in the area that will not only benefit Danja LG but also all the neighboring local governments areas.

YUSHUI GROUP is a renowned company based in China that has the capacity and professional technical knowhow in the constructions of Dams. To prove their expertise, YUSHUI GROUP extended a warm and open gesture to Katsina State government to come and witness first-hand the kind of work they engaged into by going on site oversee visit to witness the efficiency of their work and how communities in china benefits economically from these Dams.

For a huge project like this, Katsina State government needs to partner with experts to come up with lasting solutions that will benefit the people of Katsina for years come.

Governor Masari’s visit will certainly yield not just solutions but create massive economic benefits to the people through:

·   To map out ways and share ideas on how to go about the  Construction of Dams in places that have shortages of water supply in the state.

·         Areas that are engaged into irrigational farming will find ease of water supply accessibility in carrying out their activities.

·         It will boost productivity for irrigational farmers in terms of the capacity and quantity to a mass production scale.

·         To improve the capacity and efficiency of existing Dams which are under rehabilitation

Although, social media activist are beginning to criticize the trip giving the financial implication of such trip considering the huge entourage that accompanied the governor. But sources from the government have reassured that the Chinese company promised to cover the entire expenses from feeding, accommodation, flight tickets and other contingencies for Governor Masari and his entourage.

By Jamil Mabai
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