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Harrinson Obi, whose brother was killed in same lynch spot justifies jungle justice - LIB

OAP Harrinson Obi  in an exclusive interview with Linda Ikeji's Blog, has revealed how his younger brother (pictured right) was stabbed to death by criminals in Alafia- at the same spot where a man was lynched on Saturday for stealing from a woman.

According to him, in Alafia, jungle justice is now justified among the people as there have been numerous cases of killings and robberies by notorious criminals. He also made strong allegations that murder suspects in the area are bailed from police custody with as low as N500, he revealed the exact location the criminals meet, and said even the police are aware of this criminals but have left the people of the area to their fate.According to Harrison, whose tweets about the much talked about lynching went viral, the people of Alafia are tired and that jungle justice against criminals in the area will never stop. See full interview after the cut.
LIB: So we saw your tweets towards Aliyu Giwa, the Lagos Deputy Police PRO...

Harrison: Yeah i did, at first he didn't know the story was going to be this big, so he wrote his tweet first, he was like 'Don't be so dramatic, i came over there with the DPRS', and he was somehow trying to exchange words with me and he said 'why didn't you tweet the part where i called you and your family consistently to check up on you'
 I didn't really want to exchange words with him because there was no need for that, because if you notice i have not really been responding to tweets.

 'Because it is much more than me and i don't want to make it a circus i just wanted to lay in my own side of the story which was actually the death of my brother. The place is actually very notorious, my brother was coming back from  class as i tweeted and he was with his friends but they didn't really notice what was happening because they were in front'

 'When they knew, it was already late, then my bro had already been stabbed and he came and was crying that they just stabbed him and that they should help him'
'He suffered  from blood loss and collapsed afterwards. We went to the police the next day, we reported and the police said they could not make any arrest'
 'My family laid this argument that -it's a notorious place-  this boys you've arrested them so many times, if you go there at certain period of time, you'll pick up this boys, people know them infact some of the touts they have a group and have very funny names like eje,  Iku, they are group of friends that it's crime that brings them together. You can ask bankers or people that don't drive that go to work early, many of them have been robbed and attacked.

LIB: Why was your brother attacked and killed?

Harrison: My brother was walking on the street actually pressing his samsung tab, a very visible phone at night, when the culprits came to attack him they felt  that his huge body could be an advantage so rather than negotiate they went on to violence. They felt he was big statured and then stabbed him rather than threaten him at first or negotiate with him.
His friends got a keke and took him to a hospital where he was rejected as the doctors were asking for police reports.

LIB: For a stab wound?..

Harrison: Yes.. They demanded for so many things, police report, money..His friends out of frustration abandoned his body on the road but one came to give me the information. I had just come back from the gym was just wearing my sweat pants and quickly ran without a top to meet my brother, and on getting there he was lifeless and on the main road with a lot of people staring at his dead body.

My mum noticed the way i ran and suspected there was danger so followed me to the scene without even my knowledge and on  seeing my brother i just collapsed.

My mum raised vocal alarm and his body was again taken to a hospital.and no attention was given to him,the doctors suspected that he was already dead. Even i felt he was dead but was just clinging on to hope. He had lost so much blood due to were they had stabbed him. All the nurses were just staring at us and refused to help, even a doctor came in and said in Yoruba 'this one is dead now'
While we were in the hospital my father called saying that my bro is already dead, that we should bring back his son so his body was put in a body bag.''
'The area is very rough when stuffs like this happen people don't really want to help out because no one knows if it's a robbery suspect and all that'

'My brother recently gained admission, he was contemplating if he should take the course and go to school, if he had taken the course and gone back to school this wouldn't have happened .
'Sometimes we even blame ourselves.The case was reported to the police the next day, but the police said they they did not want to make a 'blind arrest'.

LIB: What police station?

Harrison: Amukoku is the place where the police station is located, not Orile this time. The police station is close to the place the crime happened. These suspects were said to have a common gathering.

LIB: What is the name of the place where these notorious guys gather?

Harrison: Ifelodu in Alafia, not too far from Odumade. The police station is close to where they gather i even heard that robbers have even raided the police station before, it's that bad.

LIB: What time do they gather?

Harrison: 7-8pm. Generally, that Alafia, many crimes have been committed. I think something should be done by residents of that area so that the rate of criminal acts may be reduced.

'Right now the loss of my brother has affected my mum who now waits for us to sleep before she sleeps and normally has bad dreams.
The boy that was burnt alive met his demise with people not even having any interest in him because he is a notorious thief. If this should have happened in another location he may have been taken to the police but because of the amount of crimes that have happened in Alafia one person had to be used as an example .
'The lynching was done by some set of fed up or angry people, it has affected many people including me to an extent that if i was there i would have participated in the lynching process . Some people still do not agree to lynching.  
   'With N500 in Alafia, murder suspects are bailed, N500 and N1000 and you see criminals walking back on the streets.
'That's why people burnt this thief because they know if they take him to the police he'll be out in two minutes'
'That's why when i saw ACP Abayomi Shogunle (head of police complaint and response unit), his tweet that they deposited a male adult's corpse, i knew it wasn't a 7 year old. The people there can't kill a 7 year old. This was a thief. a criminal!

'My mum was even happy saying that it's my brother's spirit that is at work, killing all his killers.

People have been looking for a scape goat unfortunately this boy was caught, in short he's a man which kind boy, full grown man' a thief'
If i was there when he was caught i would have lit him up or brought fuel or something. Maybe am being emotional but this is the people's own way of reacting'
Am not justifying lynching because innocent people might be involved  but if thieves begin to notice that this is what is happening they will stop their evil acts.'

'This is not going to stop, many more lynchings will possibly follow, the people are angry'

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