Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Newborn baby girl 'scarred for life' after surgeons accidentally slice open her face during C-section

A mum has cried out as her newborn baby girl has been left 'scarred for life' after surgeons accidentally sliced open her face with a scalpel during a C-section.

The baby girl was delivered healthily at the Yifu Fuyuan Hospital, in Yiwu City by means of a caesarean section, and Xiao Zhou said they only noticed the injury later that day, China Daily reports.Xiao Zhou said:

 "I didn't pay attention to it at first because I thought it was made by somebody's nail, but upon closer inspection, it was clear that it was a knife wound.They never openly and proactively said it was their fault and they're not taking responsibility."

The doctor who performed the C-section, surnamed Zhang, refused to comment on the surgical cut, saying that anything she says will have to go through the hospital.

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