Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The world's most powerful women in Tech 2016

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Gender equality in the workplace had been a longtime issue as men have been favored over women. Come the modern times, the female workforce has gradually bridged the gap and it’s now not uncommon to see women working in different industries. Leadership roles may still be elusive but little by little, they are also getting there. In fact, you can now see women managing businesses in different fields and successfully leading their teams.

With the gender equality in the workplace now being widely seen, there are still areas where the number of female employees is still minimal. The tech industry is clearly one of these areas. In Silicon Valley where most of the tech giants are headquartered, only a few percentage of the top positions are entrusted to women. Only a few are also accepted in big companies.
The tech world may still be reluctant to openly welcome women into this field. However, this might change soon, especially now that there are women who have proven that gender is not an issue when it comes to successfully managing a company, even in the tech industry.
To further prove that women got what it takes to be superb leaders in the tech field, we have prepared an infographic that lists the names of powerful women in tech.
Be wowed by these superwomen on the illustration below:

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