Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where are all my commentators? + New turn of our monthly giveaways

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So i purposely delayed this month's giveaway... And i received loads of Messages and e-mails from BVs asking if i am tired of doing the giveaway or if i am BROKE! That if i know i can't do something i shouldn't start!.. LOL!..
OK so like i said, i purposely delayed it so that i can see those BVs who are "faithful".. And i have gotten what i want!... Please note that from today, being the top commentator does NOT qualify you to win the giveaway (as most of you just comment whatever you want for like 5 times on a post just to boost your number of comment.. Some don't even read the post... SMH).. Your comments have to be reasonable and if i like i choose you!...... I might decide to dash a particular month's giveaway to offline persons, and i will state it here so you know (without giving details)...... I might decide to just dash a BV that introduces people to this blog!... I might also decide to give to someone that commented just once!............. So stay tuned for this months GIVEAWAY!... KIsses and Please don't goaway! LOL....
Shout out to Beloved, Moses, VivyChoco, ChuksVic, etc.. I love u all!.. Including all Anonymous....
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  1. Lol
    You know we buy data to read and post comments.
    Again I will like you to reply some comments at least

  2. I love you too but please reply some comments when needed

  3. yesoooooo........................gift how fa nw


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