Wednesday, 14 December 2016

GAN TV : Watch how i spent the Eid-Maulud Holiday + Recipe for my Facials

So Gift Adene shared how he spent the Eid-Maulud holiday! + his facials recipe! Enjoy.

Kindly watch and share the video!.. Thanks.


  1. lol
    okay I only use baking soda for now because when I combine it honey the pimples will increase.

    I bought turmeric one time ago but I finally used it on my face because they didn't write the specie of the one I bought on the label because Google says some species are not face.
    milk ? biko milk is now expensive.

    aaahhhh the task of having a beautiful face but black spots won't allow me.

    I don't even use cream on my face since when I was like 12 yrs because of fear of pimples

    1. lol! the recipe is good for me sha!....
      milk no expensive na! You can buy sachet peak milk na!


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