Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Let's talk about Nigerian Banks!!!

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Saw this hilarious compilation on Linda Ikeji Social so i decided to share!..... Enjoy below..

(1) UBA
That bank looks like a shrine..
Everywhere is just painted red.. Hehehehehee this bank is very stingy... They will never employ
workers... Its only in UBA you will enter and see empty cashier seats... They only employ 1 Cashier stressing customers as if they will feed you after. I suspect there General manager is a Manchester United fan. They spent a lot of money to build a bank but employed few slow workers who can't even satisfy customers (Pogba).

(2) First Bank
This bank has the highest number of customers......The only bank that looks like a market......The only difference is that you see people with suits and pens.

(3) Eco bank!!!
Hian this bank will just be looking like somebody's bathroom.. Very small bank... Just jam park people like sardines......Their workers no dey even wear suit again probably because of heat... Everybody they enter the bank with hand fans ..

(4) Diamond Bank....This bank dey vex me pass our politicians. Just
fancy for nothing.....They will just use flowers to design everywhere.....I even heard their General manager is an Agriculturist.... Only to employ beautiful ladies... Some people will come to bank and won't like to go back again because of the beautiful compound...
(5) I hate Zenith bank...
The only thing dem know how to do best is to decorate their walls with mirrors.You will just stay at the front and be seeing someone behind you...Sometimes if you enter the bank, you will be confused . you won't even know which road to follow because everybody is
appearing two two for the mirror... I wonder if their general manager is a Crystal palace fan.. Just carry crystal full everywhere.

(6) Union Bank!!!!
This bank is older than some people's grandfather... Sometimes, I begin to think maybe the children of Israelites
have accounts with Union bank... Their security men sef na old old men...old old men bank... Even baba has an account with union bank.... Ordinary water dispenser dem no get.. If you are thirsty go and fetch water from the gallon beside their security men.

(7) .sterling bank: at first u will think the bank is serious only for u to open account and wait for like 3weeks b4 u will even get your account number, they won't even send u your account number 2ru sms, waiting for any day u will remember to visit the bank, very stingy slow set of people, is only in ds bank that they will ask u to go and photocopy your ID card outside just not to waste there papers

(8) U can add urs...


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