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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ardant MMM supporter Felix Silas cries out! Recounts how he lost over N500k to MMM and other ponzi schemes in 2016

Felix Silas

It is no news that MMM ponzi scheme has crashed and that a lot of Nigerians lost their hard earned money to it... Some allegedly attempted suicide!.. However, passionate MMM supporter Honorable Felix Silas took to Facebook to recount how he lost over half a million naira to the crashed scheme in 2016!...... He also advised people to stay off ponzi schemes and HYIP schemes... What he wrote below....

Recall that on July 29, 2016 I had written a viral post condemning MMM and other ponzi schemes. But having consumed a series of some seductive posts regarding the scheme I decided to try out my luck again. I went into a few of them, got paid and decided to continue. The few I invested in were Coince, MMM Nigeria, MMM United, HR, etc. All have finally turned out to be pure scam and I regret not heeding to the various signs and warnings from my spirit eyes.
However, I maintain that among all the schemes, MMM Nigeria was worth the try because I can boldly say that the scheme was crashed by the media and other Nigerian rumour mongers. The ideology behind MMM itself was sound and reasonable. It's only a shame that they made a great error in December which finished the scheme.
For those who would come here to laugh at me, you can keep your laughter because I've actually earned more than that and I know I will earn x10 of it before August 2017. The core aim of this post is not to attract sympathy but to give the following advice:
1. Always follow your first instincts.
2. Run away from all ponzi and HYIP schemes, invest in real business.
3. Don't ever borrow money to do ponzi.
4. Inquire from your mother and wife separately before going into anything. If both say NO, just run.
5. Always remember that money doesn't just grow on trees. If it's not about buying and selling just run.
Thanks for reading. Time to resume my x10 mission. #MoneyMustBeMade.

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