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Thursday, 16 February 2017

The impeachment of Aliyu Muduru is a combined effort of both APC and PDP members - Abdulazeez Rafindadi

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Abdulazeez Rafindadi
Aliyu Muduru, who was the youngest speaker in Africa was impeached yesterday by the Katsina State House of Assembly for "yet to be known reasons"......
However, Popular Facebook commentator Abdulazeez Rafindadi took to Facebook to express his opinion on the saga and state his stand.... He said that "The impeachment of Aliyu Muduru is a combined effort of both APC and PDP members ".. What he wrote below...
I intended to remain mute over the above subject, but due to certain reasons and the public outcry, thats actually what forced me to have my stand known.
Based on the impeachment notice sent to me,I realised that the successful moves to impeach the Hon Speaker, Aliyu Muduru is started long before January 2017, I came to realised that among the signatories of the notice, some signed it in the month of January. And almost all the 23 members that signed the notice are the decamped members of PDP to APC.
In view of the above, I will like to highlight here that the successful impeachment saga is a combined effort of both APC and PDP members.
Some APC members in the state have enough reasons to became aggrieved, among those are the set of people who in their very eye His Excellency Masari appoint the party chairmanship to a non-indigene somebody (Shittu Maslaha) they claimed that he is from Kogi State and proudly dancing the tune of Anzo Garinku an Fiku Iya Rawa. Beside all the Political Technocrats whom proudly and knowingly that they are capable of holding the chairmanship.
There are some party members who claimed that the states affairs are being controlled by few individuals like Dahiru Barau Mangal and Yakubu Musa Hassan, they at the distance but pressing the keys to the control remotely.
We all believe in once a PiDiPian alway PiDiPian! The PDP as a party is a very cooperative and loyal party which currently controls not only the state affairs of governance but to a national levels, they believe in unity among themselves, despite having no power, but there are some strategic positions they currently holds at all level, either in the names of PDP or decampee, they are still PDP. Just wants to make the common sense and connect these saga to the coalition actions of the for ruling party in the state, as I mentioned earlier, the members who signed the impeachment notice are before members of the PDP and probably decamped to APC for the sake of retaining their positions like Gov Masari. We are all aware of the embattled governor Shema, in which he claimed that the EFCC who came to arrest him are sent by Masari to harass him, the embattled governor Shema might be right because he (Shema) knows how to worked out things between Government and EFCC because he is once in the position to know. So, they know how best they could deal with Masari out of his intention to molest once a number one citizen of the state.
The people of Katsina voted for change from bad to good, from PDP to APC but still cant differentiate or integrate between the olden and current means of governance, this government promised to better the lives of the people but still Katsina is one of the poorest state in Nigeria, despite blessings of both human and material resources, the government seems to be ignorant on how best to utilise it. The government seems to be deadlock on how best it could govern the affairs of the people. It is awarding unnecessary contracts while the salaries of some certain workers are withheld for several months, it is awarding contracts which can not be justified, it is spending huge amount of money on unncessary things while the students cannot be able to settle their WAEC and NECO fees, it is converting young people of the state into it's microphone in the names of Special Assistance and other political positions, it is denying the citizens their constitutional rights and freedom of speech and expression, the level of unemployment is icreasing yo the unbearable limits and many blunderous means of governance.
This impeachment move is not directed to poor Sabi'u Aliyu Muduru but the Governor indeed, Consider it as a STEP TOWARDS impeaching Governor Masari!
May Allah save Katsina Stare and it's good people.

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